5 comments on “Stardust The Super Wizard!

  1. I’m really interested to see what type of topics you plan to choose over here. It certainly has the makings of freeform preservation at its finest.

  2. Blimey. Eeriest thing for me is that, outsider-but-nonetheless-still-got-gainful-employment-life-story included, this guy’s style is so reminiscent of WIlliam Blake’s semi-inept but emotion-filled illustration work. And it’s also so reminiscent of his leftfield self-generated eccentric mythological obsessions too – like this is some kind of ultra-rare medical condition that afflicts the odd guy every other century. Wonder if Fletcher did poetry…

  3. Y’know Pete…I love Blake’s art and the similarity didn’t hit me until you mentioned it (right on the money by the way). It’s interesting, because Hanks comes out of the world of comic books, most people (myself included) would be unlikely to ascribe any “visionary” aspects to his work, but when you think about it he makes sense in an outsider/visionary context.

  4. Nice blog. I shall be dropping by from time to time to read some more of your interesting thoughts and interpretations etc. Very strange cartooning I agree, maybe the Blake similarity is partly to do with how the artists compositional sense and involvment in the content and narrative take precedence over the ‘accuracy’ of the human figure in the drawing. An order of priority I approve of wholeheartedly i may say.

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