8 comments on “Ian & the Zodiacs – The Crying Game

  1. Larry, I’d be interested in hearing those two “punky” sides that you mention in the write-up!

  2. Classic song.
    Some time back I got a Jose Feliciano album where he covers another Mersey Beat staple ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ where he puts his all into it just like what you mention Brenda Lee puts into this.

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  5. Hey thanks, man! I’ve been searching for this particular recording for, oh, about 44 years now. How about that? This version was my intro to The Crying Game. They played it on local WROV in Roanoke, VA, and other little known songs that have haunted me since. Years later I obtained the Brenda Lee version on 45 RPM, then much later the Dave Berry one on a CD compilation. They’re all great, but this is the one that captured my adolescent heart, AND I HADN’T HEARD IT SINCE. So thanks again.

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    • Yeh… In retrospect, Brenda’s version probably is the best I s’pose. Soulful performance, and great backup. Now if I could just get a copy of “Roundabout” by Connie Francis… Wow, somebody uploaded it to YouTube! I haven’t heard this since 1965!

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