9 comments on “Locals Only!!! #2 – The Myddle Class – I Happen To Love You

  1. hey thanks for the tunes and good words.

    I m younger, but really enjoy music from the 60’s thru the mid 80’s.

    especially the more obscure stuff.

    The mr magoo thing is funny. I m asian as well so it is even more entertaining.

  2. Wicked tune Mr DJ, love the shimmering cavernous sound and all that twangy angst.

    Ye olde ‘y’ in ‘Myddle’ puts me in mind of the so-called heavy metal umlaut, which I knew nothing about till one day i decided to check out where they made Haagen-Dazs on Wikipedia and found out it’s as much of a confection as the ice cream they sell (‘That’s it, now I believe in nothing…!’)
    Don’t know if there’s an equivalent for gratuitously introducing goes-up-to-eleven ‘y’s… though other bands have done it. Lynyrd Skynyrd liked it so much they did it four times…
    Speaking of those Mr Magoo issues, here’s a neat little postscript vis-a-vis current cartoon censorship.
    Forget it Larry, it’s Chinatown!

  3. Any chance you can post these on you tube? My favorite, and one I still have on 45 is Free as the Wind. Great song. See what you can do.

    Many thanks,


    the 60’s band the DOUGHBOTS should re-do this song as theY are touring now 2009 \in the 21st CENTURY!!!!!!!Y

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