The Walker Brothers – After the Lights Go Out


The Walker Brothers

John, Gary, and Scott

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Greetings all.
Here I sit, late on a Saturday night, not much to do and I figured the time was ripe to whip a tune up here into the blog-o-sphere.
I’ve been a big Scott Walker / Walker Brothers fan for a long, long time.
Though I was certainly aware of ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’, I never looked any deeper until the UK ‘Boy Child’ comp (a best of solo Scott annotated by Marc Almond) came out and was subsequently hailed by the rocksnob cognoscenti as a must have (and have it I must-ed…).
Though the post-Walkers Scott stuff is a lot more personal and high-concept than the bulk of the Walker catalogue (with the exception of some of the stuff on their third UK LP), the roots of his sound are there from just about day one (not including his oddball early Brylcreem teen-idol attempts).
This evening’s selection – a longtime fave – came to mind while I was reading the recent Phil Spector bio ‘Tearing Down the Wall of Sound’ (which you should all check out). Though I’ve never been a big follower of Spector’s girl-group stuff (which is probably more a reflection of how jaded I am and how deeply ingrained those records are in the fabric of American musical life), I bow down at the altar of his mighty influence. From the Caverna Spectora emerged the Jack Nitzsches, Sonny Bonos and Brian Wilsons (among many others) of the world, where they staggered into the daylight, planting themselves in the record factories of the world to spread his dark gospel.
This evenings selection is not only a great record on its own merits (and a longtime fave of mine) but a prime example of the Spector vibe once (and a half) removed.
Though I haven’t been able to nail down who exactly produced ‘After the Lights Go Out’ (I suspect it’s Nik Venet, the Nitzsche did produce the Walkers at one point), they were clearly attempting (successfully on an artistic level, fairly unsuccessfully commercially) to hitch their wagon to Spectoriana in general and the Righteous Brothers specifically.
The record is a masterwork of carefully layered Wall of Sound-ism, from the opening bass notes, percussion bits and pieces, Scott’s opening baritone and right on into the tsunami of brass, strings and superhuman harmonies.
The tune was penned by one John Stewart, a friend of Scott’s who penned a couple of excellent songs for the group. Scott has a huge (deserved) cult following, and among UK-psyche heads, Gary Walker and the Rain are very highly regarded (if you get the chance grab a reissue of ‘Album Number One’ and prepare to have your mind blown).
Anyway, slap on the headphones and let this one ricochet around your Eustachian tubes for a while. You will not regret it.


Buy – After the Lights Go Out – the Best of the Walker Brothers 1965-1967 – at

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  1. there is hardly a duff tune in the whole scott canon up to scott 4. his big torch song tony bennett impersonations do it best for me but this is a smasher too

  2. Here it is again, the myth perpetrated a long time ago,, and carried on. even by music jouralists who should know better…. John Maus and John Stewart are completely different people. John Stewart was a friend of Scott, They recorded as the Dalton Brothers. The Walker Brothers came into being after that. John Maus/Walker and Scott got together in 64 and the name Walker Brothers started then. John Stewart did come over to the UK on Scott’s request after they were successful and worked behind the scenes with Scott. Yes he did write the song, no Nick Venet didn’t produce it, it was recorded in England at the Phillips recording studios under the guidance of Scott Walker, who had a good idea of the Spector production ideas and used them to great effect. Scott had a lot of control over those early sessions. Getting back to John Walker he is not exactly the forgotten Walker… he has toured the UK twice in the last 3 years on the “Silver 60’s Nostalgia tour, Not my thing,,,,, didn’t go, but it seems he is not forgotten.

  3. Well, thanks (??) Geraldine. I certainly meant no insult to Mr. Maus. Not sure I should have known better (not a lot of info out there on the Walkers), but I’ll certainly try to do better in future.

  4. Hi Walker fans. Especally Scott Walker fans.
    Has anyone out there got any info on Scott Walker. I mean like personal stuff. Like did Scott get married etc. Is he married now. I would be very grateful for any snippets of info. As really love this guy.
    love and peace

  5. Is this the John Stewart who wrote Daydream Believer and who died a few weeks ago?

  6. Different guy.

  7. So where is the John Stewart who worked with The Walker Brothers?

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