6 comments on “Emitt Rhodes – Really Wanted You (and some other stuff..)

  1. Ahh…Emitt Rhodes. Man, I’m convinced you’re my brother from another mother as every time you post, it’s something I would post or a new discovery I dig immensely.

    Yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to pick up the first to ABC albums over they years and they blow me away. It’s like all the best ideas on Paul McCartney’s first LP stretched out and embellished. His albums are the kind you either get or don’t, but if you do, you really do.

    There was a great interview with him in Tape Op a few years ago where he detailed the processes he used to record these records (he played everything himself in his garage at a time when that wasn’t easy to do.) Unfortunately my copy was lost in the great coffee mug disaster of ’05 which also took out a few back issues of Wax Poetics. Such is life.

  2. Thanks Captain!
    Glad to hear you’re digging the stuff.
    I think Rhodes is really a lost treasure who was kind of missed by the public at large. I recently saw a picture of him as he is today and it was a shock. He kind of looked like Roky Erickson at his wildest (though I don’t get the impression the resemblance was anything more than physical).
    There was a cool one-disc retrospective of his Merry Go Round and solo stuff a few years back (out of print now), but he really deserves at least a two disc retrospective covering the years from the Palace Guard onward. Or – and this would be nice – a tribute album by other groups.

  3. This post is quite old, but I’ll take my chances: There’s an Emitt Rhodes tribute album coming out very soon. It’s the swedish label Groover Recordings that’s collected a bunch of different bands to cover Emitts songs.

    It should be out pretty soon. The address to the label is grooverrecordings.com

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