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The Beau Brummels

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Greetings all.
Today’s selection is another one of those numbers that I happened upon during my days in the 80’s garage revival.
My band, the Phantom Five had played at a VFW near Harrisburg (I think it was in 1987) with the Secret Service (Long Island mod R&B killers) and locals the Cool Italians. It was a great gig with lots of folks making the drive out from the NY area.
Following the show we all headed back to the house of one of the guys in the Cool Italians for a party, where I managed to consume the better part of a case of really (REALLY) crappy beer (can’t engage in that kind of tomfoolery anymore…no sir). It’s a wonder I have any recall of the incident at all, considering the condition I was in by the end of the night (and for the next couple of days (ugh…).
Anyway, back in the day there was a lot of bootleg video changing hands on the garage band scene. This included everything from TV appearances of obscure bands (how about the 13th Floor Elevators performing ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ on Where the Action Is???) to teen flicks, many of which also included performances by bands of the era.
Among the videos played at this particular bash was a pretty nice copy of the 1965 teen-exploito flick ‘Village of the Giants’.
‘Village of the Giants’, which had what in retrospect was an all-star cast including Beau Bridges, Toni Basil, Ronny Howard, Disney stalwart Tommy Kirk, Tim Rooney (son of Mickey) and Johnny Crawford (of the Rifleman), was the bizarre story of a teen scientist (played by Howard) who creates a serum that when ingested caused a group of teens to grow to immense size.
Absurd plot aside, the film features some great music, including Freddy Cannon (doing ‘Little Bitty Corinne’, which I think Untamed Youth covered in the 80’s) and the Beau Brummels doing a song that I had never heard, and instantly fell in love with. That song is today’s selection, ‘When It Comes To Your Love’.
I loved the tune so much I ended up getting my own bootleg of ‘Village of the Giants’ and dubbing the version of the song on the movie’s soundtrack (which was different from the studio release) to audio tape (I wish I knew where that was…).
Not too long after that I grabbed a Best of the Beau Brummels which included the original version of the song.
‘When It Comes To Your Love’ is absolute folk-rock perfection with a great guitar riff and excellent harmony vocals by the band. If you’re not hip to the Beau Brummels, you ought to pick up one of their reissues, as they were a great band, who aside from ‘Laugh Laugh’ (remember John Candy and Laurie Metcalf dancing to it in ‘Uncle Buck’?) don’t really get much play on oldies radio these days.
Dig it, and I’ll see you next week.



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  1. Hi there:

    While looking through the myriad of music posts on Word Press including my own, it was refreshing to see something from the past. The Beau Brummels certainly had a quality sound and deserve a space in the collection of us old rockers. Thanks for the post.

    Craig Fenton
    Author of the Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent”

  2. IIRC, Sly Stone produced the early Beau Brummels stuff. I’m sure you knew that though.

    Good stuff. Love Village of the Giants also. Made for a good episode of MST3K as well.

    – R

  3. …now I am almost positive that you remember when Jimmy O’Nealstone (SP? introduced the Beau Brummelstones on that legendary episode of Shinrock ;-)
    Seriously, thanks for hipping me to more of this band’s stuff as I only know them for “Laugh Laugh” b/w “Just A Little Bit”. Both of those tracks are absolutely stellar BTW.

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