5 comments on “The Montanas – That’s When Happiness Began

  1. I have the Grains of Sand 45 on Valiant. Remembering that the Association also recorded on Valiant, and that the Addrisi Brothers wrote some of the Association’s songs, you can bet the Grains of Sand were first.
    I think the Montanas are English, too.
    By the way, growing up in Florida in 1967, I heard the Grains of Sand version on the radio. I know because I taped every song that I heard in 66-67 and I still have those pesky little reel-to-reel tapes.
    Good song.

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  3. Hi Larry, I might be able to shed some light on “The Grains of Sand” question. I was an original member of the band (bass player). When we signed with Valiant in ’66, we only had one original song-“She needs me” still available on Pebbles Vol. 8, Southern California. Valiant brought in the Addrisi brothers to pen the A side “That’s when Happiness began”. BTW, we really liked working with Dick and Don Addrisi, they were great guys. Timing being everything, Valiant scored with the Association at that point and had little time for us, so we moved over to Mercury/Phillips in “68 and released the single “That’s my baby” w / Drop down sometime.- written by the band’s leader Dave Hodgkins.
    Founders Hodgkins and Doug “Red” Mark went on to form REDEYE in the early 70’s
    I spoke with Dave H. recently and he told me he is working on a book loosely based on band exploits from that period. Could be interesting.

  4. Hi there… Grains of Sand were amazing, I used to have the Valiant single but had to sell it during lean times. ‘That’s When Happiness Began’ was also done by an Aussie band in 1966 – Mike Furber & the Bowery Boys, as an LP cut. Great version, as are the other two!

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