10 comments on “The Byzantine Empire – Shadows and Reflections

  1. Thanks for this version of a favorite song!

    I have a version credited to Eddie “Hodges” not Higgins, that’s on the Fading Yellow volume 3 comp I think I got from the Chocoreve blog.I guess it might be the original one, though I couldn’t tell you which name is correct. It’s certainly worth getting.


  2. This track just blew my mind, what a joy…
    So up my street it’s in my house eating my food. Never heard it before, big thanks for posting up pearls like this for the great unwashed like myself. Must get that Action version now!

  3. blimey – yet another mysterious treasure. that action comp is always near the front of my record pile – the mrs has just discovered them and can just about do the madly high backing vocals…

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  5. WE GOT HIM! Eddie Hodges i have the original S & R for you!
    I’ll mail it to you if you like?

  6. I’ve not seen the label of the Eddie Hodges version of “Shadows and Reflections,” but I have it on excellent authority that the record is produced by Ed Cobb.

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