6 comments on “Link Wray – Jack the Ripper b/w The Raybeats – Jack the Ripper

  1. Absolute legend of a man! I read somewhere that he used to slice his guitar amp speakers up with a knife to make them really distort and howl :). The Granddaddy of Punk Rock, maybe???

  2. Thanks for the Raybeats, I haven’t heard that in a long time. I also owned a copy of “It’s Only A Movie” and like yourself played it over and over on headphones, the best way to listen to it. It “rips” for sure and though I can’t remember when it was released, it seems like it pre-dated any kind of surf revival. I was always impressed with the production and it seems there was one other song on the album that was pretty good. Nothing though can touch “Jack The Ripper.” Thanks again.

  3. The GREATEST music video ever made ! ! ! The RAY BEATS make “LINK RAY”S ” ground shaking tune “Jack the Ripper” into the best and greatest music video ever, bar none. The RAY BEATS do what others only wish they could do. Take a already Classic tune , cover it beautifully, then make a video
    thats not only captures and enhances but catches fire, smokes and then comes out golden on the other side.
    How do you get to see the music video ? I do not know, hopefully someone
    does, and they can tell the rest of us. But you who love LINK RAY , and those
    who love the RAY BEATS will flip for this VIDEO. Its the best music video
    ever made. Other bands specially should take notes and watch the Greatest Music Video ever to appear on MTV or any station. I personally only got lucky and was able to watch it over and over, I accidently left the video recorder on in 1985 and it recorder the RAY BEATS music video. They only broadcast the video one or two times, at the most. Its hard to believe that was 23 years ago.
    It might be 23 years old, but it is STILL the mark by which, In my WORLDLY opinion is what others have to measure themselves by, the GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME.

  4. Just FTI, one of several labels Link recorded on before Swan was Rumble (possibly named from his ’58 hit single). On this label was the original release of “Jack The Ripper”, released July 31, 1961. I was all of 39 days old.

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