23 comments on “Southwest F.O.B. – The Smell of Incense

  1. Hi Larry,

    I agree with you – this song always gets multiple plays by me (easy to do as well on the Sundazed CD re-issue – which has both the mono and stereo versions)

    I have a copy of the video you refer to (a jumpy and distorted 7 millionth generation copy, probably like yours was!) The crazy get-ups the guys were wearing were a funky orange color polyester something-or-other with white laced bib thingys! Really strange and unappealing stage garb, even considering it was 1968. The video is from the “Larry Kane Show” (not the Philadelphia newscaster), who hosted a local teen show on KTRK-TV in Houston from 1959-1971.

    Chris Golda

  2. Hi Larry,
    Funny that as I was researching this single (which I just picked up) yours is the first hit on google. Interesting story you have there. I was quite shocked when my Canadian copy was actually pressed on a STAX label. This is NOT what one expects from STAX…but upon further inspection, it does give reference to HIP on the label.
    Ya I dig it…but then you can’t dig the hard stuff 100% of the time. Ya gotta throw in the fluff to mix it up a bit! 😉

    Jason X

  3. Well, obviously I’m going to have to find this re-issue. I went to school with Danny and John (Colley, as was his name before he changed it to “Coley” – to rid himself of the “Lassie” nickname).

    A bunch of us followed the Southwest F.O.B. around Dallas/Ft. Worth to watch and listen to them perform. Really was a shame they didn’t go further than they did.

    I’ve since seen the video on YouTube, and BOY does that take me back! I’ve heard Zeke is still playing drums on Friday evenings somewhere in Dallas, that Larry (Ovid) is a farmer here in north Texas), but I don’t know what happened to Randy or Doc.

    John’s a given. So is Danny.

    Though I know Danny was recently fighting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I don’t know the details, but I’m praying for his recovery.

    Thanks for this review. It was fun to go back to the 70s for a little while (even if it *does* date me – lol).

    LR – in north Texas

  4. Just discovered this video. Takes me back. Danny & Doc helped out the band I was in get started. We shared the stage many times at Twilight, Candy’s Flair and Broadway Skating Rink in Dallas during 1967-1969. Boy does this bring back the memories. Never thought I’d see the FOB again. Thanks

  5. I am alive and well!

    Brought back a lot of memories. It was a great experience. I acutally have a few of the ‘suits’ stored away — takin’ bids…

    Life is good when you live by Tom T Hall’s words of wisdom,
    ‘Faster Horses, Younger Women and Older Wiskey”

    Southwest FOB

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  7. Back in the day, every weekend I would go to the Broadway Skating Rink, actually I think it was on the edge of Garland, with my older cousin. After skating they would host a sock-hop and would bring out local bands. Saw Southwest FOB there a couple of times. There was another band that played there that I can’t remember their name. Was a sort of Blood Sweat and Tears/Chicago Transit Authority band because they had a very strong horn section. They we lead by Mr. Jeter who was the music teacher at South Garland High school. Anyone know the bands name?

    • I think it might have been a band called The Night Before. . The were especially good at Three Dog Night Songs Jim Bowman sounded just like Corey Wells.

      • It was The Night Before, the drummer was my High School sweetheart whom I married twenty years later.

    • Boy THAT brought back some memories! Went to SGHS too! (Go Colonels! Remember the REBEL FLAG? Can’t do THAT no mo’) Seems like when they just got started, Galen Jeter’s band was called SPIRO GYRO ? Anyway, I remember seeing him at school and thought about how “cool” it was that a teacher would be in a band!
      We used to go out to the Broadway Skating rink too, and for years now I’ve tried to find out the name of the song they played for the “last skate” (couples only). It was a “big band” type of song, mostly playing a trumpet. The very last of it, the trumpet goes solo. Seems like it may have a MONTH in the title? Like SEPTEMBER EVENING or something like that. Guess I’ll never know!

    • I believe the band you are talking about was The Night Before. Use to love watching the “battle’s” at twilight, Garland skating rink, Surfer’s a Go Go, and the Armory on 75.

  8. Remember the song and group well. Candy’s Flair was actually a National Guard Armory that hosted live bands on weekends. It was kool to see FOB there back in the day. Also remember Twilite Time and Broadway rinks So what high school did these guys come out of in Dallas? What school was it that Colley went to in what year? RC

  9. Now that I think about it, I have always been curious as to how the name came about .. SouthWest F.O.B. Somebody out there knows. Pleasant Grove Ratz.

    • Yes I remember Southwest FOB well, I went to school at H. Grady Spruce and we would go to the armory on Friday nights at the end of Lake june Rd. at C. F. Hawn frwy. They called it Candy’s Flair and also Twilight Times skating rink on Elam Rd., boy it sure brings back a lot of memories. We would also drag race down in Bruton Rd. bottoms. I also went to jail for bringing my Anglia to the Payless shoe store parking lot and taking it off the trailer and pulling out on Buckner Blvd.

  10. Well for those who have not heard, there will never be another song by Dan Seals. He passed away March 25, 2009. He graduated from Samuell High School in Pleasant Grove in Dallas. He and classmate John Colley, who later changed the spelling of his last name to Coley, formed a group with three other Samuell students called the Playboys Five. That became Theze Few, which morphed into the legendary Dallas high school band Southwest F.O.B.

    “We were very popular in the late 1960s,” Coley, 60, said Thursday from his home in Nashville, Tenn., where Seals also lived. “We even opened for Led Zeppelin and Three Dog Night, and remember, we were just high school kids.”

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