8 comments on “IL Meets F16C #2: The Banana Splits – I Enjoy Being a Boy (in Love With You)

  1. Amazing what tidbits of info you can dig up when you look hard; I had no clue that none other than Barry White was involved with this troupe.
    I vividly recall those glory years when the Banana Splits were on my TV set, right alongside reruns of The Monkees. Talk about psychedelics leaving bad influences on otherwise wholsome (?) kids such as myself. And let’s not forget the mighty Kroft brothers (what was that stuff H.R. was puffin’ anyway – ha ha)…

  2. Vincent
    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen ‘Mr. Show’ which ran on HBO a few years back. They did a great parody of HR Pufnstuf called the “Altered State of Drugachusetts”, where they took the figurative drug vibe from Pufnstuf (and all the other Krofft shows) and made them literal (i.e. a character named Dr. Ellis D Trails)

  3. Mr. Show is feckin’ awe-inspiring. Funnily i only happened upon the ‘Show a couple of weeks back (unfortunately it was never shown this side of the Big Water as far as i know). But really blew my mind. Definitely the bastard child of Monty Python &…. well Monty Python. IF there ever was a comedic series that could be self-incestuous well that’d be it (ok… maybe the Beverly HillBillies too) 😛

    That skit with the couple going on honeymoon with the “third wheel” is priceless especially the whole wild Gospel tangent. How on Earth did they get away with some of that material on mid 90’s TV!? And what about Mr Pit-Pat: the magical, non-threatening, pansexual spokesthing for Globo-Chem the evil multinational corporation! 😀

    I seriously back up Larry’s recommendation Soulie!

  4. For whatever reason, the two Splits ep’s seem to turn up quite often, while I never see the 45’s or album. Anyway, I love ’em both and “I Enjoy Being A Boy” is the absolute pinnacle for me.

  5. Larry,
    OK, the Banana Splits, well from this side of the pond (yes, it is England calling) I recall the Bannna Splits very well on re-runs, a weekly highpoint iback in the day. I have a strange but useless fact to add, the 8 wheeled amphibious carts the guys used (surely the coolest part of the show?) called ‘Argocats’ were produced in my home town by one of my mates Dad’s. They were fibreglass and actually designed for the military. No mention of the original theme, nicely reworked by the Dickies. But this Kelloggs find is a monster. Keep Diggin’, we’re listening!

  6. Enjoyed this one as a kid, nice to see it return. Almost analogous with a Strawberry Alarm Clock/Lemon Pipers feel.

  7. Just discovered your blog so a lot of my comments will be well out of time order. Great that you are getting this stuff out there.
    Does anyone know if there are any vinyl releases of the musical breaks that are in the early Scooby Doo cartoons. I recall some wonderfully blissed out pop playing while the gang (sorry “peky kids”) went through doors chasing the ghost, janitor or evil uncle. I also seem to remember an episode of Johnny Bravo where he meets the gang and a perfect homage is played including the obligatory chase scene.

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