11 comments on “Question Mark & the Mysterians – Can’t Get Enough of You Baby

  1. Hey…the following is from my friend who works at ABCKO (the goons who reissued ‘?’):

    Well I’m glad that Larry digs and is spreading the word. I’m also glad that he discovered the earlier versions of “CGEOYB”. I love The Toys version. If he digs further he will find a connection between Bob Crewe (the producer of the Toys & the Four Seasons) and another Michigan band, The Rationals who recorded for Bob’s short lived Crewe label. Linzer & Randell also wrote many great songs for artists on Crewe ’s other label, Dyno-Voice.

    Whoever the heck Larry is, tell him I’m not a goon and that I worked very hard on that release and to get it the attention it finally deserved.

    Thanks for sending.

  2. Tim
    Tell your pal at Abcko (though this may not make any difference) the “goon” remark was aimed at a certain music tycoon who sat on that catalog for a lonnng lonnng time (who shall remain nameless, yet completely obvious).
    My apologies to the people who actually endeavored to get the music released. I have the most recent/legit ‘Best of’ and it rocks.

  3. From my friend at ABKCO:

    Apology genuinely accepted.

    Tell Larry it’s mucho appreciated that he spreads the word that it rocks. Nice history there in the writing and thanks for the link.

  4. The Four Seasons pop! I’m not proud – I like them lots.
    To compound my embarrassing vibe I listened to this – in a digging fashion – and it took me back to my own 80s flashback moment of thinking ‘O, the organ sounds like that Big Maybelle cover The Stranglers did of 96 Tears’.
    Like they say over here: ‘I’ll get my coat’. I’m so ignorant I’m almost proud.
    Wait…I’m not proud, almost. Whatever.

    PS Mick who was trying to sound like a ho and Muddy who? 🙂

  5. Just to correct your earlier poster Molly – it’s not a Hammond organ, it’s a Vox Continental. There’s a big difference!
    I saw ? & The Mysterians live when they came to London about ten years back. They turned out to be a fantastic live band, and wildly better than I’d imagined. I also got to meet Mr ? and I can concur with Larry, he is a unique character, and as a live performer is perhaps somewhere between James Brown and Little Richard. Track down their version of “Do Something To Me” (also recorded by Tommy James & The Shondells) and also on Cameo Parkway. Great band.

  6. Actually, the Four Seasons and Toys BOTH recorded CGEOYB in 1965. Mr. Randell apparently said that the Toys did record it first, but it was within a very short time that the Four Seasons recorded it-like days. Both early versions were arranged by former Four Season and longtime Four Seasons arranger Charles Calello. In fact the Four Seasons LP track charted a week before the Toys LP track charted in early 1966. The Toys single did not chart and was much later in 1966 if you check the Catalog Number of the record and compare it to other Toys issues. The ? version single was more than a year later than the Four Seasons or Toys tracks charted. ? copied the “96 Tears” garage band arrangement quite closely. If you like the garage band sound, you probably like the later three. If you like good bass, horn, saxophone, and piano arrangements, the Four Seasons version is the best.

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