27 comments on “The Peanut Gallery – Out of Breath

  1. I have this record, too! It’s definitely as different and unique as you say it is. If you ever do find out anything about The Peanut Gallery, I’d be anxious to hear about it, because I’d like to know myself.

    • I had no idea that there were copies of the “Out of Breath” 45 still floating around out there. My Dad is the guy screaming in the background at the end of the song. I suppose that you have one of the only copies left of The Peanut Gallery’s album. Actually, I was wondering if you would ever consider selling it to me to give to my father. I know he would be thrilled to have a piece of his “younger days” back. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

      • Hello Molly Reitman. Are your still out there? Did you ever get a 45 of your Dad Bob Reitman’s Canterbury-OUT OF BREATH sold or donated as you requested in your April 3, 2010 post? I would like to know for sure. IPlease let me know as I have news of one.

      • Actually, I found a copy on ebay about 6 months ago. I ended up framing it for my Dad and gave it to him for Christmas with the B side facing out. I had no idea that he wrote the song Summer’s Over. He’s been singing it for years and I didn’t know it was his song.

  2. I wrote and sang the Out of Breath song. You can see my name on the picture of the label. Barclay Davis and Bob Reitman were the other members of the group. I had no idea ANYBODY ever heard the song before today.

  3. I just listened to the song. I hadn’t heard it in 40 years. I sang the lead, but the voice at the end of the song, the one you described as “going insane” was Bob Reitman — actually we all sang the chorus, but Bob’s voice is the most prominent.

  4. Wow! Thanks for writing Brad! I probably haven’t listened to the other side of the record in years (I’ll have to do that now, won’t I?).
    Did the Peanut Gallery ever record anything else?
    Where were you from?
    I have so manhy questions…

  5. I’d be glad to answer your questions.

    We recorded one other song that I remember, but I don’t think it was ever pressed.

    All of us grew up in Westwood, California.

    What kind of web site is this?

  6. Iron Leg is a blog devoted to all kinds of 60’s music, pop, garage, psychedelic, folk rock etc. I’ve been collecting records for most of my life and I’ve had the Peanut Gallery 45 for over 20 years without being able to discover much info about the group.
    How did you get signed to Canterbury Records?
    Did you ever play with any of the other bands on the label?
    What did the members of the group do after the Peanut Gallery broke up?

    • My father (Bob Reitman) is the guy screaming like a maniac at the end. If ANYBODY would sell me (or charitably donate, I’m a college student) their copy of the original 45 PLEASE let me know. I surprised him by playing the mp3 that you posted and he just thought it was the coolest thing ever. I know he would be thrilled to have it!

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  8. I am so glad that somebody took the time to do research on Canterbury Records, particularly mentioning “Magic In the Air” b/w “Bad News” by Group Therapy, both of which songs I think are long-lost classics.

    Great job!

  9. Thanks David! I get a lot of pleasure out of finding a few loose threads and tying them together. I wish I knew more about Canterbury. Check out the new mix I posted tonight, with yet another Canterbury group (New Breed).

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    • How in the world did you find Red River Sal? Or notice that I co-wrote it? Are you aware of any other recordings of songs I wrote? Please let me know.

  11. You want some history… well here it is… Blondy on the cover far left is Barclay Mervin Davis. An awesome dude! Serial stock swindler (the best) mob boss, smooth talker and an all out original American gangster. They don’t get any classier than The Merv. Google the name above and you will find out alot. He is a hollywood producer of Bottle shock and some other movies. You find good and bad things but definatley a 1930’s style gangster with class, just can’t help but like the guy.

    Brad Raisin is from the same cut. The guy kicks ass in the same fashion as ‘The Merv”. Gangster, singer, entertainer and all out loveable american bad boy. The guy can still whail and is one of the classiest guys you will meet. Their music is only the precursor to the lives they just started to lead back then. They would thug the streets of Hollywood with that old Dean Martin style. If only they would make guys like this again maybe these soft little emo kids would turn out different.

    Bob Reitman is a wild scrreamin banshee that is over the top. These guys embrased a very brief moment of real Americana that came and went like the summer sun. I mean, you just don’t here things like this anymore. Now kids cry how bad life sucks and wear makeup and little frowny faces on thier cheeks. Check out those smiles on the cover of the LP. Did they look like they were havin a bad time or going to cry.

    Such are the times now. Cry babies and killas. I am a Juggalo and have respect for the hard classics like this. No it ain’t no Elvis Presely but that is what makes it so damm cool. It was about youth and rage. See, I met all you guys before. I’m a kansas city killa. My life is about robbin, killin and just plain taking anything I want. i did not grow up in Hollywood. I grew up on 13th street in Detroit City. Your music is a cool breath of air into a stale dead scene. I have been using a 45 of yours to scratch out some new beats. It is awesome! May you live long and prosper and thanks for making that bad ass record so many years ago. PROPS!

  12. HEy Brade, lets just say that Merv raised me. He taught me the things about life that matter. I carry his words of wizdom with me everyday and without them I would still be getting shit on.

    One thing he taught me about people, it went like this: MERV “You can take all the money in the world and divide it up evenly. Within 30 days the rich will be rich again and the poor will be poor again.” He said his dad told him that. At first I thought that was a kind of evil thing to say. After a few years I realized it was the way life is and Merv called that shit dead on Yo. Evil or not that is the way the world works. Once I leaned that things started to turn around. My music took off and my happiness increased.

    Sure they say bad things about the guy. That is the haters out there and the poor people trying to dirty up the mans white suit. Look at our country Rich people and smart people are punished while the lazy and the stupid are rewarded. Why does a guy who is well educated and makes a million a year pay more taxes? He is being punished for his achievements. A lazy welfare case with three kids and drug problems get free food, money and shelter and they contibute nothing. They are fed BY LAW from the sweat and blood of the successful.

    Merv showed me that. He showed us how to even that playing field and stop letting those frickin leaches suck me dry. I use my music to get other to realize that poor people and stupid people need to suffer. Punishment is not suposed to be good. Merv was always talking about putting someone in punishment…lol That was the coolest shit ever.

    I use my music to not only tell his story but the other hard core hustlers out there who have a spine, have a dream and have the balls it takes to succeed at any cost. I think your guys album from back then captured a lot of that passion. I even have that shit as a ring tone Yo. I picked up one of the original 45 about a year ago in a record store in LA. As soon as I saw the cover I knew that was Merv. It cost me $120 for the album but well worth it. I got a vinyl to digital converter. I ripped it down and loaded it in to my scratch bank and use it as samples.

    I get sick of seeing shit on the internet about how bad he is. All that bullshit comes from some tree hugging canadian who could not fuck Merv over. The hippie bastard got bested by the best and now he is salty. Not too found of those low life bitches on the other side of the boarder. I can write anything on the internet, it does not mean shit. People think its the truth as soon as they see it. But they are mostly poor and stupid, as I was tought, who gives a shit what they think.

    I am just real passionate about my music and love to take real gritty lives from friends and family then make music about it. I think you guys did a great job on that album and it was ahead of its time.

    • Merv is one of my oldest and best friends. I am still in touch with him. I liked reading your comments. Take care.

      • I am interested in how you guys recorded the vinyl. What type of equipment, recording media, equipment setting and things like that. Sometimes that is hard to remember but it could help in some of the music I am recording.

      • Here is some of our music. As you will hear there is some influences from your style of music and era.

        The rapture of Ridley Walker – clutch

        DJ Hype

      • cool the videos show in the blog !

        Going to post some videos here with the new stuff from your guys record. I like the song Out Of Breath. I used it for a sound sample on a club track I did about three month ago. forward to merv and bob when i post. Ironicaly I did a track about two years ago called Red River Wash. It is based off the movie River Dogs. My track has Mr White, Mr Black and Mr Grey. They make the $$$ until Mr Blue finds their hide out and trys to extort them so he will keep quiet. The song has a meaning like clock work orange.

        Red River Sal is a great song brad. excellent job

  13. I like to write. It is a very useful tool when you use it in certain ways. For example: You have 30 days to release and record. However you have three other bands releasing the same record and they are all working against you. What do you do? How do you reach the goal? How do you win?

    I have been taught The Art of War since the age of 10. The first thing it teaches you is not to go into any battle that has not already been won. Meet the enemy with superior force, superior intellect and superior numbers. If you only have superior intellect that is enough to win if you deploy other cunning tactics.

    First is patience and meditation. Then when you are in character a violently executed plan today is better than a well thoughtout plan tomorrow. Although out numbered you can easily slow down the release of the enemies album by pitting one enemy against another. You can also write many many articles that contain much disinformation. The three enemies (bands) will consult each other and start to pick fights with each other. Their time is being consumed because they will read the articles and respond. The whole time you are producing the finished product and ultimately beating them to the finish line.

    In the music business the more articles you wriet the more the competition gets anxious. They loose patience, break meditation and then leave character. This tactic works on all kinds of adversaries.

    The ablbum you guys made is full of samples that just sound amazing. It has sounds that just not available. I have another album from a band that I grew up with called Hot Rocks. Early 80’s band. Just some high school students goofing around. But the samples that come from it are awesome. There is something about being that young that the vinyl just captures. I guess that is the magic of the old format. It truely is a real analog technology. There is something about digital that just sounds to dam clean.

    Many people will try to stop something good from happening, like an album or song. Using observation and remaining in a character of neutral appearance will give an artist or band an advantage. I stayed in character for 4 years. Never broke out of character. This is something that you could only learn by hanging out with Hunter S Thompson. Just like Johnny Dep. Once he goes in to the pirates charater he plays it 24 / 7 until the production is finished and the curtain drops.

    Here is another bit of advice. Always wear a realy nice white suit. Never shake hands with a guy who sells shit for a living. If you do shake hands with the guy, then you smell like shit and your hands are dirty. If you rub shoulders with im then you have shit on your white suit. Once you smell like shit and your suit is dirty no one will want to be around you because your just like the shit salesman. Your friend taught me that. He told me that a shit salesman bumped in to him once and it was too late for him. He said I should always be on the look out for the shit sales man and stay far away from him. The easiest way is to always shiff for him. If it smells like bullshit then he is close. Now thats is some very smooth and very real knowledge. They dont teach you that in school.

    You know I would just post my identity, but it would just stir up the shit, your friend does not need that and neither do i. Love to talk to you some more on a private site. Name the time and place.

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