7 comments on “Rick Nelson – Don’t Make Promises

  1. Thanks for the tip on Milk Cow Blues! Some fantastic little guitar licks on that and that drummer’s a regular locomotive man 😀

    Great song above too. Production’s more like that of a 60’s soul track especially with all the brass and the piano. My dad’s a big Ricky fan from back in the day — i’ll definitely have to pass these along. Cheers mate.

    While I’m here sure i’ve been dying to drop in a request for an Iron Leg Garage mix in the not-too-distant future maybe? I don’t believe Iron Leg’s had it’s very own (individual, anyways) mix as yet? Any chances???

  2. There’s a clip of the Elevators performing ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ on either Where the Action Is or Bandstand. It’s the only film I’ve ever seen of them, and unfortunately it’s a lipsych job, with them playing by a swimming pool. There’s even a corny opening with some guy popping up out of the water and asking something like ‘What floor am I on?” I wish I still had it….

  3. Ah. There are actually two known Elevators clips — the poolside one and the jungle one (both available on youtube) — after the jungle one (a halloween taping where they were they were supposed to don gorilla costumes but refused) Tommy Hall, when asked who heads the group?’ wryly replied “WE’RE ALL HEADS.”

    Paul Drummond’s new Elevators bio “Eye Mind” is really good btw (see my blog for a choice quote).

    happy tday iron man & thanks again for all the great sheeut

  4. Rick Nelson on the same album did a fantastic version of Reason To Believe that is heads and shoulders over so many other covers of this Tim Hardin classic. Check out also his version of Summertime from Album Seven. Bass line was stolen by the Blues Magoo’s years later for “We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Here.

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