4 comments on “The Equals – My Life Ain’t Easy

  1. They sure look one hell of a wacky crew 😀 Cracking choon too! This is one’ll definitely be frequenting all the playlists on the ol’ iPod. Will have to wise up to these cats some more. Thanks, man.

  2. Recent was scouring the record shops in the UK for a track by the Clash that appears in the Movie Knocked-up, called Police on my back. Appears on no Clash greatest hits allbums, so no surprise to discover it was a cover of and EQUALS track back in the seventies. Actually was on Sandinista! album (the triple with about one disc worth of good content) and it sounds 100% pure original Strummer, but low and behold it was ol’ Eddie Grant and the boys. Worth posting the original if you can did it out.

  3. Doh! Just clicked the link above to see you have posted it previously and mention the Clash cover. nice to know you are on the case…

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