10 comments on “The U.S. Male – I Don’t Want To Know

  1. Larry,
    I’d love copies of any remaining Delusions of Grandeur tapes!
    cassettes still make up a large part of my music listening!
    Play comps everyday in the car to and from work!
    I still haven’t figured out these damn CD thingy’s…

  2. Hi Larry,

    …thanx for another great gem from Delusions…. as for US Male, check out BigBeat CD You Got Yours! – East Bay Garage 1965-1974.


  3. Tommy
    If I ever find any you’re welcome to them.


    If it’s an East Bay comp, I’ll go ahead and assume they were from LA. Does it say anything in the liner notes if they were Latino (as many of the East Bay bands were)? That’d be cool.


  4. Larry,
    Alec Paolo reports “..the US Male had partecipated at a band contest winning a recordimg session (w/ Kulka). The band halied from Hayward members were Bruce Tahsler (v), George Carvalo (g), Skip Mesquite (kb), Kip Courtney (b), and Steve Faniccchi (d), The were mostly veterans of the local scene, Tahsler and Faniccchi w/ the Talismen, Carvalo w/ the Emeralds. The band got together in the summer of 66 and soon fell into a circuit, appearing thoughout Alameda Cuottry and beyond, thanks to the patronage of agenet Johnny Vaughan. One notable gimmick of the band was a small mailbox placed on stage for dabcers to ‘post’ their sing requests. The US Male visited Golden State in March 67 when they recorded their great soul punker You Got Yours (originnally known as You Got Hosed) thou it was ultimately canned as the session tape had a technical flaw. Just a few welles later; Tahsler was injuered in a car crash and the band effectively was over. Mesquite would play sax on the first few Tower Of Power albums.”


  5. yeah, East Bay, (there’s just 1 US Male-track on, but the whole BigBeat CD You Got Yours! – East Bay Garage 1965-1974 is worth it).

    PS: Thanks for Sock it to Santa, the only X-mas song of ’em al I digged!

  6. With every other skinny nerd band doing Zombies covers , it’s nice to hear one from the days when the Zombies were “contemporaries.” Coming across Sonny and Cher’s “Leave Me Be” and People’s “I Love You” were pleasant surprises. Please post any other Zombie covers (or anything by bands from my birth state, NJ) and I’d be much obliged. Thanks for a great site/music, Larry!

    LA, CA

  7. Sorry guys,but this US Male band was from Detriot area and I worked with the drummer, Bob Laura, at the GM Saturn plant in Springhill, Tennessee. He told me about his band, but all he had was old cracked accetates. I found their two singles on the internet. He made me a cd copy of them. They did not have a label and so came up with and designed the Special Delivery logo.
    Bob still lives in the Nashville area and is on Facebook. He still drums with a band, maybe achurch band, and is a super guy. We had alot of fun talking about old rock and roll!!

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