14 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #5 – The Party!

  1. I steals it! Really…if my tiredness could be measured on some kind of scale, it’d be off the charts. I’ve had this mix in the can since mid-December, but didn’t want to drop it until I could get the essay written, which took a few days. Fortunately, in the short time Iron Leg has been around I’ve implemented a policy wherein if a podcast is posted, I get the rest of the week off (at least from this blog).

  2. Wow! Iron Leg continues to please. Larry please keep it up, this mix in particular shines – that Dick Hyman track? Wow.

  3. Thank you. This gets a lot of repeat plays, and now I’m seeking out some more Keith Mansfield.. Do you now or did you ever participate in the Exotica Mailing List?

  4. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!! The Tony Newman track is up there with Buddy Rich’s version of Superstar on his lp A Different Drummer…..the work to compile the whole comp is greatly appreciated.

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