7 comments on “The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Buy For Me the Rain / I’ll Search the Sky

  1. Larry I just got the chance to finally listen to the Timothy Leary’s Dead Mix… (I know, I’m behind in my listening) Damn it’s good!! There is a great cover version of West – The Dolphins by The The (B-Side). I had no idea where it came from…I know now. It was complied on the SOLitude B-sides collection if you’re interested.

  2. Waiting for the Upcoming Mix, I’ve been downloadin em into the fancy IPOD thing that goes with me on my travels

    Great Choice as always. I love the S/T records Myself

  3. Coop
    Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode where Marge and Lisa get to pick a movie to watch and they select ‘Paint Your Wagon’? There’s a great parody of the film with fantastic caricatures of Lee Marvin, Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef (who wasn’t even in the original film). I have very clear memories of my aunt dragging me to see ‘Paint Your Wagon’ when I was six years old (an oddly inapropriate movie for a little kid).

  4. Holy Smoke, Buy for me the Rain really sounds like early Moody Blues, with that beat (although somewhat upbeat for the Moodies), but particularly in this case the harmonies. Great stuff Iron Leg, I’ve really enjoyed your Digitrips too (it all resonates for me – being 45!!).

  5. Great blog! The “Buy For Me The Rain” film was from “Laugh-In.” I remember seeing it when the show was re-run on Nick at Nite in the 80’s, and being shocked that this group I only knew as a country band started out doing awesome folk rock.

  6. Just ran across your website looking for some old NGDB pictures, and read your review. Having been born in the area where the band started (I actually lived in Woody Creek), I’ve been a long time fan.
    I’ve got to say, you missed some of my favorite songs, since they aren’t on that particular record. But great review!

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