20 comments on “The Music Machine – Come On In

  1. Thanks a great deal for the Music Machine MP3 – I heard it on The Hippie Revolt and thought it sounded like Jim Morrison and Neil Diamond merged into some horrible hairy testosterone-dripping combination, shedding groupies as he traveled the world.

    Masculine Intuition is even better… I should have read your notes more closely as I never would have realized they were the same group.

    Thanks for all your work on Ironleg, I learn a great deal about the music I hear.
    And I really want that information if I like what I’m listening to.

    Keep going!

  2. AW, SHUCKS!

    It was Fever Tree covering _Come on In_ from -The Hippie Revolt! – Digital Trip.
    No wonder they sounded different.

    Anyway… Neil Diamond did not merge with The Music Machine vocalist, thank goodness.

  3. Thanks Ray!
    That Fever Tree version comes from an LP where they do a couple of unusual cover versions. I think sometime soon I’ll have to post the Fever Tree version of Love’s ‘She Comes In Colors’.

  4. true story — sean bonniwell refused to add me to his list of myspace friends unless i changed ‘music machine’ in my list of musical interests to ‘bonniwell music machine’ — i refused, and bonniwell is no friend of mine!

  5. I remember some years ago (late 80’s maybe) where some zine did an interview with Bonniwell where he went on and on about how the MM could have been the next Beatles but they were ripped-off/mishandled by the music industry. Not as deluded as Sky Saxon, but deluded nonetheless…

  6. Jeannie
    If you read the piece more closely you’d realize that I speak pretty highly of Bonniwell. I said that his voice is ‘Morrison-esque’ but at no point suggest that he was derivative of the Doors singer (who by the way did not appear at Monterey Pop, alone or with the Doors).
    I personally believe that the Music Machine were both underrated and under appreciated, but no amount on the downside of the ledger, whether attributed to mismanagement or missed opportunties will ever convince me that that could have (or should have) been another Beatles.
    I find what little I do know about Sean Bonniwell to be fascinating, and I do plan on reading ‘Beyond the Garage’.

  7. Jeanie

    “Having misspoke a time or two myself, I think the point that Sean was trying to make in his reference to The Beatles was that the band didn’t enjoy the notoriety that they could have earned, but he also knows the same is true for many other talented professionals.”

    Is a very astute condensation of one of the main reasons I do what I do with these blogs (and for the last 20 years via zines, newspapers etc).
    The Top 40, while it occasionally includes music of real value has often been denied to much more deserving music, whether the result of general popular ignorance, unfair/unethical business practices or just bad luck. Sean Bonniwell and the Music Machine is a great example of this, and in a just world would have been a much bigger band than they were in their day. No one can say for sure where they would have gone had they been managed properly, and given an opportunity to reach a wider audience.
    Thanks for stopping by, and starting this interesting little dialogue. It certainly made my afternoon.

  8. Greetings from the garage (or thereabouts),

    Jeanie sent an email regarding her intention to send you a copy of ‘BTG’, in which case I’ll need your mailing address (please email to sean@bonniwellmusicmachine.com)…: and thank you, your kind words re the MM are very much appreciated.

    A companion CD is Included with the book. Should you wish to order additional CDs the prices at the official site are outdated (as is the product line). Anyone interested should go to http://www.bonniwellmusicmachine.com/blog/index.php for the updates and all else (including new product from the Private Library series, classic and recent tour videos, and ultra rare memorabilia).

    For the sake of clarification, I have never — and would never — compare the MM with any band of the era — much less the Beatles, whose songwriting inspired my own. The one and only reference was in regard to Lennon comparing the Beatles’ popularity with that of Christ’s, which I found culturally inappropriate.

    With blessings by His grace,
    Sean Bonniwell

  9. Thanks all for your interest in what was a very special time for my friends, Sean, Keith, Ron, Doug & myself.
    Holland Oats you’re quite right. There was only one original Music Machine, although, a few of the orig. groups tracks, recorded before the orig. group split were released on the Bonniwell Music Machine LP. The difference between the two lineups sound & style is apparant to all who listen. I’m sure Sean didn’t mean to slight you…….With great talent comes great ego, or so I’m told. Also, there was no Christian evangelical overtones or references whatsoever in the original groups work. This was years before Sean chose to follow that path. In those days It was all about the music, the performance, the girls which we saw a lot of, & the money, which for the most part, we never saw any of. Just keepin the record straight……
    Entire history & pix available from “Uglythings Magazine” & “Ace Records UK” definitive double set “The Music Machine, The Ultimate Turn On” This also includes Two video mpegs!

    ……..Rock on, Mark Landon, Original Lead guitar, The Music Machine
    Lead guitar, Ike Turners Kings of rythem,
    Ike & Tina Tuner Review (approx ’69-’71)

  10. Bloody Hell Larry! You’ve posted a track by one of my favourite bands out of the 60’s, I’ve learned there’s a book and now you’ve actually gotten TWO of the original members to comment on your Blog….I bow to you sir…I am as green as Kermit over here! LOL

    Jason X

  11. wow – just checked back & i can’t believe who’s been on this thread – was mark on ‘a black man’s soul’ by any chance?

    ps – larry who’s that bushy-eyebrowed guitar slinging alien you use as an avatar for this site? vaguely familiar but i can’t put my finger on it!!

  12. That alien is Peter Cooke from a mid-60’s parody of the Thunderbirds (Superthunderstingcar) that he did with Dudley Moore. You can find it on YouTube, and if you’re familiar with the Gerry & Sylvia Anderson stuff it’s hilarious.

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