12 comments on “Francoise Hardy – Ce Petit Coeur

  1. “operated by a cranky Frenchman who had Bob Dylan’s hair”

    Poifect, Larry.

    That dude’s name was J.T. Martignon…(we just called him dickhead) I had more than one run-in with him about pricing/scratched records in the mail etc.

    But boy did he have some choice material…except he would cram crummly Johnny Halladay disks down yer throat.

  2. Repoz
    Actually it was JD, but I didn’t want to drop his name (moot point now).
    He jealously guarded his status as the sort of “keeper” of the NYC garage underground, having issued discs by the Cheepskates, Tryfles, Mod Fun, Vipers, Fuzztones and others. He was however, a crank.
    I was just in the city the other day and drove by 23rd St and wondered if Midnight (or my other fave vinyl haunt, Venus Records on 8th) was still around.

  3. “That dude’s name was J.T. Martignon”

    You are correct, sir!

    I used to talk to some of the dudes that worked at the store…and even they couldn’t stand him.

    Yeah…all the stores are gone, including my base of operations…Pier Platters in Hoboken. Dang shame.

  4. Your Francoise Hardy album must have had ‘je n’attends plus personne’ on it. That was pretty close to garagey in the guitar sound at least. It had a fair degree of snot, (or possibly crotte de nez ) too. Some say it was the first ‘fuzz guitar’ ever recorded. . . My dad had the francoise hardy album where the cover is a gatefold and designed to look like a packing crate, and the back cover has her sitting inside looking very cool and very sixties with mens boots on. . . Her looks captivated the young me, and the old version of me still feels the same way.

  5. You probably know she also recorded this tune in English, on the Francoise Hardy Sings In English LP from ’66 (as ‘This Little Heart’) – I prefer the original French versions though …

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