7 comments on “Primrose Circus – P.S. Call Me Lulu

  1. WOW This is really funny because the singer of this (one-man?) band is currently the Dean of architecture at my school (Rice University). I see him pretty much on a daily basis. He’d be really flattered to know that this is getting a mention.

  2. Actually, this was recorded in 1967 by my band in Houston called: the Bedbugs. We were a local cover band playing throughout Texas and mostly in hte greater Houston area. The name was changed for obvious reasons.

    I was the drummer along with Bob Tanner (lead guitar) Michael Groves (keyboards, vocals), Harry Guffie (bass) and Jerry Lawson (vocals). John Costarian co-wrote the song with Michael and we recorded the demo along with many other songs at Rice University. Harry’s wife Ginger was also a vocalist for us and many in the Houston area in the mid-late 60s will remember the Bedbugs and Griff’s Bar.

    The demo was heard in LA by Lou Altman and the rest is history.

    Gary Brown
    Perry, MI

  3. I thought it had that Sunset Strip sound!
    Can you ask the Rice paper to include a link to this blog? They took my scan and deep-linked to the track without any attribution.

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