4 comments on “The Hombres – Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)

  1. I remember the original (I was really young) and learned recently that it’d been covered by John Mellencamp.

  2. BB Cunningham of the Hombres went on to become Jerry Lee Lewis’s bass player – and is to this day. You can see him on the Kid Rock video w/ Jerry Lee of “Honkey Tonk Women”. Yep, I’m sure. I played piano w/ BB several nights a week in a dance band in Memphis in the late 70’s – and didn’t know that even at that time he was Jerry Lee bassist (or I would have been even more self-conscious!) The guitar player of Ronnie & The D had joined the police force and turned to Jesus, came in and played great gospel one night.

  3. The Hombres follow-up “It’s a Gas” (with its nifty belch-intro!) was a hardcore staple that was played over and over again on the boss Himalaya ride in Seaside Heights back in the day.

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