6 comments on “Blues Magoos – Gotta Get Away

  1. Thanks, Larry.

    My older sister’s rekkid stack revealed this one to me in the early 80s.
    I used to play it on a punk show on a local 10-watt station.
    I only wish the “Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey” was left-right alternating stereo panned.

    I love that sort of cheap gimmick.

    Gotta get away and back2work.

  2. Ray
    No ‘direct’ evidence that I know of, but I do know that Joey Ramone was old enought o have seen a number of acts during the mid-60’s, and as a teen in the outer boroughs of NYC must have been aware of the Blues Magoos.
    There are certainly similarities in the vocal delivery of Peppy Castro and Joey.

  3. Cool blog!! BTW! Don’t forget.. the Blues Magoos are playing at The Fillmore – Irving Plaza with The Zombies on July 11th in NYC! Also, in Springfield, MA at a festival the day before (July 10th) they are back out on the road again! I’m Mrs. Ralph Magoo .. so this is the word! Spread it baby!

    Peace !
    Beki Brindle-Scala, Ralph Scala and the Blues Magoos

  4. Hey Larry,
    Thanks! We’re gonna rock Gotta get away tomorrow night at the filmore. Hope we get a chance to meet. Best. Peppy CAstro ” Blues MAgoos”

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