22 comments on “13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me b/w Don Buchanan RIP

  1. That’s a poignant tale. It always makes you think about your own mortallity when folks of your own age group die…Did you know that Doug Meech, the original drummer from The Chesterfield Kings died last year? (not that i knew the guy but I loved that band in the mid 80s)

    Things like this really suck, but the music and memories live on I suppose.

  2. Expo
    I didn’t know about Doug. Of course I saw him play with the band many times, but I’m sad to say I lost track of the Chesterfield Kings years ago. I’ll have to get those first two albums out for a listen.

  3. Larry,

    Thanks for this. I was somewhere in between you and Bill in terms of my friendship with Don – and, like you, I hadn’t seem him in years. It’s a sad tale, and I’m sorry Don’s not here to understand how people loved and valued him.

  4. Man cheers for sharing the story of Woody. Every rock’n’roll story seems to be intertwined with some young, tragic death or other but never always just a simple waste of life. Like you said, they help us respect our own life and of those around us and make us live the rest of it (no matter how short or long); that much wiser and that much more appreciatively.

    Glad to hear 13th Floor Elevator’s hit the blog once again, Larry, unfortunate are the circumstances but no more apt and pleasurable. You mentioned Don had a great love of punk and well I’m sure he’d have a pleasurably raspy chuckle at your wildly appropriate choice of dedication 🙂 13th Floor Elevators were PUNK long before the term was ever coined!

    Speaking of which — long overdue Monks respect due!…

    Dave Day you will be missed!

  5. I was in the Plague Dogs with Don for a brief time (brief for both of us). Though we didn’t see absolutely eye to eye on everything, Don was a good guy and a great drinking buddy (note, this is before he apparently showed signs of alcohol abuse), and very very rock and roll. There were a lot of pathetic losers in the New Brunswick/central Jersey music scene of the 80s/90s, but Don was not one of them. Then again, neither was Ethan Stein (another band mate) who did NOT take his own life, but died under mysterious circumstances that were labeled so.
    “New Jersey… a great place to leave”
    hugs & kisses

  6. Bravo Larry. Thanks for paying tribute to a man who meant so much to me. Well written as always. Eric Gladstone, real classy of you to mention Don’s “sign’s of alcohol abuse” in a public forum.

  7. Wow, not only a fine way to honor Don, but a mea culpa to boot. who said our growing decrepit didn’t have it’s merits. keep up the fine writing and in the meantime, i’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes for me to stop feeling like shit about what happened to my friend. In the mean time, i’m playing X’s Come Back to Me in an endless loop and it’s hard not to start blubbering every time. much love, cenzo

  8. A friend of mine was surfing the net trying to find some stories about my brother, Don, and his music, friends, etc., and she came across this website. Thank you so much for writing such a fine tribute to “Woody”. I’m almost 5 years younger, so when he was playing in his prime, I wasn’t old enough to go and hear him. I did hear “Cat Scratch Fever” with the Mad Daddys, but now I can hear some more. It warms my heart so much to see how well-liked he was, as he was a super-hero to me….and always will be…..flaws and all. Thank you for this tribute. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to read this. I miss him more than I can put into words, and coming across this website made me feel just a little bit closer to him. He’ll be missed more than he could have imagined and is so incredibly loved!

    • Hi Lauren: I used to DJ with Don at WRSU in the late 80s/early 90s and I think I met you once. It has been a long time since then and I had wondered what happened to him; I truly have missed him since those days and was so sad to find this website. He was my best friend while at Rutgers and I often thought of him and wanted to see him again, even after all this time.

  9. Mr. Luther:
    I am an easy person to find, if you care to make the effort to ask me to clarify myself. This is obviously not the forum to air a personal beef, and doing so reflects more on you than me. Obviously I cared enough about Don as a person to leave a note. I don’t recall him as the kind of person who relished fake sentiment, and so I worded my thoughts in his spirit. Substance abuse is generally a symptom of a disease and not something for which a person should be condemned. My point in bringing it up is to say that had I known Don had a problem I certainly wouldn’t have encouraged his drinking! I am more than sad that Don took his own life, and that he felt he had no better option for resolving his problems. Ass kickings won’t change that, unfortunately.

  10. I want to thank you all for remembering my son, Don, whom I loved with all my heart and always will. If there are any other memories anyone can share with me, I would be grateful, since memories are all I have to hold of him now.


    • Hello Linda:
      As I replied above to Laura, I used to DJ with Don at WRSU while I was a student at Rutgers. We were good friends after meeting in a psychology class there. We used to hang out and eventually our paths took different directions. He had been on my mind lately and I cannot tell you how much I wish I had tried harder to find him before now, just to tell him how much he meant to me.

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  13. Surprise!! The Elevators version was NOT the original. Roky’s earlier group the Spades had a version on the local Zero label #10002. You can find it here: (Sort on primitive, not quite developed into the Elevators tour de force, but I like it!! It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it.)

    Written by an Emil Schwartz (“May the Schwartz be with you!”)


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