11 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #9 – Dream Machine

  1. Short and sweet, man! Shorter playlists suits Iron Leg mixes in general i think. That Outer Limits tune is killer. Mucho gratias! Can’t wait to hear that odd cover.

  2. GG
    I’m glad you’re digging it. It’s weird in that when I was putting it together (and subsequently listening to it) it seems longer, but that may have something to do with the quality of the tunes, many of which are long time faves.
    I think I may post that cover on Monday. I only found out about it recently and when I finally got a copy I was surprised at how good it was.

  3. Wow, okay so I think we have about 10 years between us and close to the EXACT same taste in music. That British Psychedelic Trip series on See For Miles was a record I could barely EVER take off my turntable in High School. That first album blew my mind and turned me on to a much different side of psychedelia. I mean I already picked up everything I could ever find by the Small Faces and I saw this stuff coming when I ripped through Autumn Stone (Still one of my favourite albums of all time). The times, they were a changin’. The Fire’s “Fathers Name Is Dad” has been on my most wanted list since 1988!!! I really need to start buying stuff online…oh I could go on….but I won’t

    Jason X

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  5. Hate to burst yer bubble but the Dead Sea Fruit track wasn’t written by Pete Townshend. The songwriting credit reads “Townsend” (notice, no “H”), the surname of the drummer in the band.

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