8 comments on “Locals Only #3 – The Storytellers – Cry With Me b/w Danny Federici RIP

  1. Killer track, Larry! While it’s true that Springsteen has never been the hippest name to drop in the collector circuit, the fact is that he made some great records (Wild Innocent, BTR and Darkness being my faves by far) – and as a kid I got hip to a variety of classic acts (Mitch Ryder, Bobby Fuller, the Searchers and the Animals, to name just a few) via cover songs that I heard on various Bruce bootlegs. While I don’t listen to him much these days, his music paved the way for my appreciation of a wide variety of cool sounds, for which I am eternally grateful…

    Re: Danny – The E Street Band circa ’75-’82 was also the very dictionary definition of a “band”; every player had an immediately recognizable individual sound, yet they all meshed together beautifully, and Danny’s organ and glockenspeil were as integral to the E Street sound as Clarence’s sax. He will definitely be missed…

  2. Dan
    Good point about Springsteen as a conduit of sorts for other sounds. He’s always had extremely good taste in cover material and his early records, especially the first three, display a wide range of influences.
    I agree with you as well about the “band” concept, which seems to be lost these days. I remember feeling that way about the Band and the early Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers albums, where they had a distinct sound as a group that was kind of above and beyond the songs themselves.

  3. I will identify the musicians in the picture. Clockwise from the left: Jimmy (English) Meltzer-vocals, percussion (singing harmony on this track), Bill Wolf-bass, Larry Lerner-drums, Danny Federici-organ. Seated in the center: Bill Chinnock-lead guitar, vocals. The B side is another Bill Chinnock original, “Little Boy Sad”, and you can really hear Danny’s organ on that one. This was the first recording Danny made playing organ.

  4. Very cool tune. It sounds to me after hearing Cry With Me, that The Storytellers were definitely a band to be reckoned with. Somehow though, I get the distinct impression that The Story Tellers unfortunately got lost in the “E Street Shuffle”. Too bad.

  5. The song “Cry With Me” was an original composition that was written by group leader Billy Chinnock and it was recorded by his band The Story Tellers. These guys were very popular at the Jersey shore during the late 1960’s and they attracted a large following in a prelude to Bruce Springsteen.

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