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  1. Thanks for this post. I can tell you two full-length albums were released by the Road, only one of them may not have been released commercially. I happened upon a fie copy of the unreleased album the other day at an antiques shop. Thanks again.

  2. hi I loved the Road I saw them around 30 times 60;’s to 70s they had 2 albums always wonder what became of them

  3. If you have more of where this came from..Please put on website..
    Would like to hear, something with Jerry as vocal as well..
    My girlfriend and I were very good friends with them back in the day…!

  4. Hi. Happened to stumble on to your blog. I was a fan of the Road in the early 70’s. I was also a member of the sound company that worked with the band when they attempted to re-unite in the early 90’s. Four of the original members got back together in buffalo. Phil and Jerry Hudson, Joe Hesse on bass and Ken kaufman on keys. I only remember ken ever being on keys. He wrote their original “Music man”. Nick came back to town after time spent with Joe Cocker. I have a live recording I made from the sound board from that reuion. It didn’t turn out very good but it’s fun to listen too. These guys were a great live band and are still making music in their own projects.

  5. Thanks for the post — this was a dorm favorite at SUNY Geneseo 1970. I thought this band had a future, but back then I thought I had a future too.

  6. I just picked up….

    The road- she’s not there (a killer zombies cover) / a bummer (Karma Sutra)

    I also could find little to no pictures of the bands and even less info…

  7. Hi,

    My son just sent mr your link. I was the original bass player I The Road, still playing. Check out recent music I am involved in. Joehessemusic.com

    Love to hear from you.


    Joe Hesse

  8. The Road had a single in 1974 of Joni Mitchell’s “Night In The City”. It rocked in the best pop-rock fashion. Would really like to find that recording – even on a mp3 file.

  9. Hi Dan,

    Were you in Buffalo back in 1974?

    We recorded that song and I may be able to track it down from our key board player Ken Kaufman.

    Meanwhile check out my site joehessemusic.com as there are some Road pictures on that site.

    All the best,

    Joe Hesse
    Bass player
    The Road

  10. Hi,Funkycorner,It’s me again.Did you find the 45 rpm of “she’s not there” ? If so,this is my e-mail : wolfpack_gav@hotmail.com , I’m from Puebla,Pue.,Mexico.Thanks in advance.It happened that I was the drummer of a six young men band (well,in that time) called Gárgola (Gargoyle in English) and we used to play that song according to The Road’s version.It was one of our best covers thanks to our organist.

  11. Ken Kauffman (keyboards) plays the gametime organ for the Buffalo Sabres now, so he’s still in the limelight. Jimmy Catina (sp) played guitar & mandolin in the group for a while too.

  12. I loved the Road when they were singing in Buffalo. I have their first album. Lost the second one in Florida. It was a sort of Rock opera production. Does anyone remember its name? What are Phil and Jerry up to these days?

  13. Jerry Hudson is producing and acting in plays in Buffalo. Phil Hudson is still singing and is playing in the Buffalo area in a band called The Singing Hudsons Lpng with his 2 sisters. They have a web site on line.

  14. If you want more information on The Road check out joehessemusic.com as there are several pictures of The road.

    Any information you need I can get to you as I was there.

    Joe Hesse
    Bass Player
    The Road

  15. To all Road Fans:

    If you want more information on The Road check out joehessemusic.com as there are several pictures of The road.

    Any information you need I can get to you as I was there.

    Joe Hesse
    Bass Player
    The Road

    • I used to go hear The Road 1n 1981 at the Surf Club in Bemus Point, NY. I believe the band consisted of Joe Hesse, Phil Hudson, Bobby Label, Ken Kaufman & Sal Joseph. What a terrific sound! Was anything ever recorded from that time period? I would love to hear Rosealee, Runaway, Music Man, Hard To Tell You Goodbye as well as their covers of the Hollies, Beatles & The Doors again. It would also be good to hear them do Nick Desefano’s Shelter Me. Oh yeah and Hazy Shade Of Winter too!!

      • Hi Shep,

        This is Joe Hesse, I was there playing bass and we had a great time. The Road started in 1967. We had two albums out but there are very few recording that we have on CD. I have the first two albums on CD dateing back to 1968-1971 and some other recordings. Are you from the Buffalo, Western NY Area?

    • Hey Joe used to go see the Road way back when super group never understood why you guys didn’t become bigger stars. Nice web page

      • Hi Pat,

        The Road was a great band but I can’t tell you why it didn’t go further than it did. If you have a face book you can hook up with me other wise if you have pictures I would love to see them. You can send then to my e-mail joehesse@earthlink.net.

        Thanks for communicating there were and are some great memories of that time period. May be a Road reunion in April in Buffalo so keep an eye out of hook up on face book and I will get you the details.

        All the best Pat,

  16. Hey Joe:

    If you get my reply from 10/27/09, please let me know if there is anything recorded from that time period. As mentioned, I would really love to hear those songs again!!

    • Hi Joe:

      Thanks for getting back to me. I was living in Jamestown, NY at the time. I first saw you guys in 1980. I think John Elder was playing lead guitar. We started going to the Surf Club every Tuesday night in the summer of 1981 to hear you guys. Somebody gave me a cassette tape years ago that was recorded on July 4th. In fact, at one point, Bobby says, “Happy 205 Birthday to your Na-shun”. Then, you guys go into California Man.

      I also got a copy of a tape later from Junie sheck (Murdering the spelling) at the Surf Club. I believe it was much later as Nick Destafano was back with the group as the drummer. And, the lyrics to Music Man changed to “I stopped keeping score”.

      I contacted Ken Kaufman 5 or so years ago and got to talk with him on the phone. I sent him a copy of the tape.

      I was able to get your first album but I still like the stuff from the 80’s the best. In fact, I was listening to my radio the other day and Look through any Window came on. You guys had covered it in the tape Junie gave me. You guys were better!

      I just wondered if anyone happened to record anything from that time period. It was so good!!

      Best regards,


  17. Hi Shep,

    The surf Club was always fun. I remember the Tuesdays also. If you can take that tape and make it into a CD I would love to hear it. My e-mail is
    joehesse@ earthlink.net. Send me your e-mail address and I might have some MP-3’s to send you.

    Are you still in Buffalo?

    Keep in touch with my e-mail address.



  18. Wow the Road brings back some great memorys, great sound !
    I alway’s thought and loved that they sounded alittle like three dog night. But no matter what, I missed them the last time they played at the Surf Club. What a shame. If any of you guys from the Road I have on of your album. And just gotta say you guys sounded great and I wish you guys put out a few more ablums. It be great for a reunion some time.
    Robert Jr.

  19. I believe “She’s not There” was also featured on the KB Classics album in the late 60’s. I enjoyed The Road (Jerry Hudson, Phil Hudson, Joe Hesse, Ken Kaufman, Nick DiStefano & Jimmy Catina) every week at He & She’s club on Young St. in Tonawanda (located where BJ’s warehouse and plaza now sits) during the late 70’s. Then the announced they were going to California “for at least a while and maybe a long time”. Didn’t see them for a while and then found them playing in a hotel club in Lockport in 1980. That’s the last I saw or heard of them. I truly enjoyed them.


      • how about after dark as the name of the club in lockport, the road playred there. often, got to be great friends with them some great muysic there

    • I went to this reunion last night These guys still have what it takes Harmonies were great and I enjoyed the set list. They even played some of there rock opera :Tulie from their second album. Cognition. Can anybody tell me who the guitar player was, He looked too young to be an original but he really knew the songs. David Wright, Amherst , NY

  20. Hi from Finland! Just purchased The Road’s first LP from a nearby flea market! I just love this! Great sound on that record! Nice party music! Me like!

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