18 comments on “The Free – Decision for Lost Soul Blue

  1. Thats the dogs boll*cks man. THATS exactly why i love Iron Leg! Keep up the great edu-rock.

    By the way Larry, some great material on that Expo67 blog. Anything else you c/would add? How about you’re own Top 50 at present or somethin’ along those lines??

    By the way i know mentioned you don’t check out a lot of the more recent garage rock releases as much. But theres some folk still thrashin’ it out for real. You come across King Khan or Mark Sultan at all? Well worth havin’ the look.

  2. You’re own Top 50 songs or albums i was thinking? It’s coming up to first anniversary of Iron Leg too soon i think. I think it’d be a pretty neat idea.

    Could be fair time consuming but then again you could do a poll and see what the feedback would be for something like that and go from there. I imagine it’d be fair positive though. And it could span both blogs and transcend even that. A mixmash or your own personal favourites. I’m just throwin’ the idea out there man, especially after being introduced to some spectacular stuff on Expo’s blog. I’m confident you’d throw together a right barnstormer.

  3. Hi Larry,

    Info. on the Free is hard to come by but I have managed to find out that their
    singer was Dave Gilbert who would go on to join Detroit hard rockers The

    here’s a link to a story about Dave Gilbert – The Free are only mentioned in passing but you might find the article interesting.


    For more on the Marquee label have a look at



  4. Many thanks to Larry for posting the label scan. This song was a fave of mine while it was playing on the radio around South-East Michigan late in February and into March of 1969. Never knew the correct title, thinking it was something like “What to do (When the World’s Wrong)” or something crazy. Grabbed an MP3 of it on a newsgroup several years ago, and the ID3 tag shows “Decision for the Lost Soul Blues” – note the ‘the’ and ending s. My copy of Goldmine’s 3rd edition guide shows “(Day of) Decision for Lost Soul Blues” – note there’s no ‘the’ but ends with s. So your scan of the actual title is much appreciated. Thanks also to Davie Gordon for the Dave Gilbert connection. The Rockets were my favorite group at clubs on Detroit’s west side, downtown concerts, and on LP, circa 1978-79. Then, in 1980 my fave became The Look. If you can dig lively rock’n’roll showmanship, check out “Down on the Bay” at YouTube.

  5. While trying to come to grips with the sad and confused life story of Dave Gilbert, found a link to that great video of The Look…

    Enjoy, MrG

  6. We recorded this 45 at Tara Sherma studio in 1968 on our own dime. We later met Carl Cisco who has the production credits, he had the horn section from motown come over and add the horn track. We had a connection with Tom Shannon who was managed by Carl Cisco. It was hit pick of the week for three weeks on CKLW and we had enough sales to make the charts, but the programmer “ROSEALEE” (of Bob Segar’s song) pulled it from the playlist. We stayed together as a band for about a year, when Dave Gilbert left to sing for terrible Ted. Bad move as he was the party man and Ted was totally against drugs. Dave totaled his car and that was that. We started writing together again after that and formed a group called Shadow. We were signed to a recording deal with Robert Stigwood, but due to Dave’s drug habits, and atitude Stigwood lost interest. I am the gutiar player by the way. Dave lived to the extreme, everything he did was off the charts, so it was no suprise to me he died young.

  7. My name is Brad Long and I recorded a 45 in 1977 called Love Me Again b/w Come To Me. It’s now considered one of the first records of the garage sound revival and is something of a collector’s item – you can hear it at Sing Sing Records’ website. Tom Mark was a former member of The Free, and he plays guitar on both sides of my record. In 1980, Tom and I were in a band together, Nova Deluxe, and we used to play Decision For Lost Soul Blue in our concerts! I haven’t seen Tom in a while but we used to play music off and on, and he was a real good friend and musician. I will always appreciate his contribution to my record. And he always spoke highly of The Free, especially Joe and Dave. I got to meet Dave too, when he was in The Rockets, a great guy. I’m still playing and hoping to get more music released – if you like what you hear let Sing Sing know, I’ve got lots of unreleased stuff, live tapes of Nova Deluxe from 1980 too…

    • That’s funny since I was one of the founding members of The Free, of Detriot Michigan I can tell you postively he never was a member of the band. We worked together in a band for a short time after the Free disbanded, but it was a different lineup. He was our lead singer then, don’t think he played gutiar yet. But if you hear from him let me know. I lost track of the guy in the Late Sixtys.

  8. Hmmm…interesting! Tom always said he was a member of The Free, and that he played the wah-wah guitar part on the record. Later on I did meet Dave Gilbert, and he said he knew Tom, and knew all about the Free 45 when I showed him a copy, and he never did say whether or not Tom was actually in the band and on the record; that discussion never came up, so I continued to always believe that Tom’s claim was true. Tom did give me pictures around 1978 of another band he was in, he said they were taken at a teen dance in Walled Lake, Michigan. I don’t know the name of the band – it is a four piece band, Tom is just singing lead in some pictures, and playing guitar in others. Tom’s in the middle, there is another (lead?) guitar player on the left playing a black or dark colored Les Paul style guitar. The bass player is on the right, playing a red bass with a white pickguard. And the drummer has his set recovered with an odd, psychedelic contact paper. He has two bass drums, one big and one small one. The group is playing on a small stage. There are stuffed animal heads on the wall, a moose on the left and a bear on the right. Kids (teens) are sitting on the floor, and some are sitting in chairs, watching the band, no one is seen dancing.
    Any information on this mystery group?
    And is there any information on who was actually in The Free, and who the personnel was on the record?
    As for me I enjoyed playing music with Tom and considered him a friend, but he was somewhat moody and didn’t get close to many people, so there you go. I see him around now and then and I’ve been curious to how he’s doing and if he’s still playing music or not, but to be honest we’ve not jammed together since sometime in the eighties, around 25 years ago! And it’s been about 7 or 8 years since I’ve seen him, but if I have any news on him, I will post something here, thanks.

  9. Brad Long again…my 1977 45 has been re-released on vinyl on Sing Sing Records of New York, so I’ve been getting in touch with all the guys that played on the record.
    I just spoke to Tom Mark tonight, we spent about two hours listening to music and catching up on things, and he is doing well these days. He’s not online, but spends most of his time working, with his family, and playing music. I got to hear some very impressive demos he’s working on, he’s still playing some great stuff and I hope he and I can record together again soon.
    All the guys that played on my record in 1977 are still playing and in the area, so we hope to record some new stuff before long and see what happens.
    Anyway, Tom and I did discuss this deal with The Free, and I take most of the blame…I may have misunderstood some things many years ago about his bands and music before I knew him. Today he finally read an earlier posting and agreed, he did NOT play in The Free as I had previously stated in the press for my 45. He was the singer in that later band, and I must have gotten my bands mixed up or something, so I want to apoligize for any misstatements and Tom and I both would like to set the record straight. The other musician who said Tom was not in The Free was correct, I’m sorry for believing and saying otherwise.
    Again, Tom is not online but we discussed the matter today and agreed I should post this apology for any misunderstanding.
    I did not meet Tom until around 1976 or so, and I take the blame for any inaccuracies about this. My publicity then stated that Tom was in The Free and I will now stand corrected, thanks.

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