16 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #12 – Gravel v.2 – NYC

  1. Thanks Bill! I remembered her name was Alicia but I don’t think I ever knew her last name. That picture also appeared on the cover of one of the issues of Evil Eye back in the day.

  2. Excelent article (as usual) Larry.
    Those photos are classy too. Great stuff. Looking forward to future chapters. Mid 80s garage and psych bands have been dismissed for much too long

  3. “PPS” (“post-postscript”) seems more sensible than “PSS” (“post-script-script), not that “PPS” isn’t what I end up typing myself half the time.

  4. Cool photos Larry. I saw the Phantom V several times whenever you guys would do a NYC gig. Funny times back then with the whole “scene”. Lots of good (and odd) memories. Will forward the link to Neala O’Rourke, who is now married to Pete Ciccone of the Rat Bastards/Vacant Lot bands. She’s still in touch with Alicia from what I understand. I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it.

  5. Hi, Larry! Jeff Cuyubamba pointed me to yer blog. I had no idea!

    Re: the coffee table book, yeah, if there were 32 hours in a day, I’d have time to organize it. With Milo’s arrival (on 6/6/08) we have even less time for the things we need to do. But I do have all of my darkroom equipment. I don’t have a permanent place to set it up, so I have to wait until nighttime in the winter when the temperature in the house drops below 80 degrees before I can set it all up in the bathroom and actually use it. (I did this when I printed a handful of Mod Fun pix for Mick’s 40th birthday.) Oh, and the only photo store in Tucson that sells b+w paper closed up shop recently. I suppose I should browse the evilBay for a film scanner.

    Conundrum: spend a kilobuck on a film scanner that can do 120 rollfilm, or spend the money on a new Nikon digital SLR and some lenses. Or fuckit, I’ll buy more microphones.

    I’m a shitty archivist, so all of the negatives have the name of the band and the venue but few dates. I can’t remember what happened last week, so there’s no way I’ll remember what happened 23 years time ago.

    re: Alicia G … I have that Dwarves 7″, plus I have a t-shirt with that same “Blood, Guts and Pussy” design. (The back says, “Fuck You Up And Get High.”) I got the shirt when they played at Maxwell’s. Their roadie was a way-cool guy who told me what they were going to do on stage: “They’ll play for about twenty minutes, then a girl will be brought on stage, and Blag will pretend to rape her, then they’ll wrestle and the drummer will kick over his kit.” I asked, “What about the amps?” and he laughed: “If we knock over the amps and break them, it’s the end of the tour!” I asked Blag if he needed anything. “Cocaine,” he said. Surely this is all too much information.

    Anyways, wasn’t Alicia only about 16 back in the day? Then again, I was only 19.

    Oh yeah, I’m back at Maxwell’s on 1 and 2 July. I can’t wait to get some Benny’s slices and a real fucking bagel.

  6. Andy!
    I tried to e-mail you a few months ago but either the addtress was bad or my Lycos mail was fucking up again.
    Congrats on the baby! My first son (who’s 4 and a half now) is names Miles (his little brother is Sean Coltrane).
    Drop me a line at funky16cornersATgmailDOTcom

  7. Hey Larry outtasite…! And really great to see that picture of our beloved Alicia! I saw her at the Sonics show and she still looks great.
    Thanks for includin’ the ‘Violets in the pod and keep up th exposure of this scene I always knew is forever an island in tyme. Dino.

  8. I used to really like that Tryfles’ single…until I heard the 13th Floor Elevators’ “You’re Gonna Miss Me” a few years later* and realized that the Tryfles basically took its chorus and turned it into “Had Enough Of Your Lies.” Still wish I’d seen them live – they seemed like a fun band.

    * hey, it was pre-Internet; rock history wasn’t at my fingertips at that point.

  9. Hi Larry and Co.

    Bill Luther – you were my old friend thanks again for pointing out a painful memory – that Dwarves cover. I was totally conned into doing that and the band had sworn that my face would not appear, I came very close to suing over this. I always hated that band. Dino, it was great seeing you too at Cavestomp and thanks for the kind words. Maybe someone can solve this mystery though – what ever happened to Ron Rimsite? Did he just fall off the planet?


  10. Well, I hope Alicia wasn’t 16, because I dated her for a short time. Then again I was only 17 …possibly 18. HHHHmmmmm. Maybe she was…

  11. Larry and I were always having the Mosquitos vs. Mod Fun argument. A friendly argument it was, too, as is my Mets (good) vs. Yankees (bad) bit with Jeff “The Platterpuss” Shore.

    Larry, while I understand your POV about the Mosquitos not being part of the scene as you saw it, it should be noted that many people – including members of The Vipers and Fuzztones – did see them as such. They were never a fuzz-punk kinda band, although they did have at least one legit garage screamer, “Darn Well”, which was actually the inspiration for making the Garage Sale tape (ROIR, but put together by a person at Goldmine) a comp of modern garage bands, rather than a 60s thing. But, yeah, they were a pop band…At the beginning, they were much more of a Merseybeat band, then they got more into the mid-60s pop stuff. Later, I think they became less 60s-oriented and more pure pop. Personally, I loved ’em. But I’m a sucker for great melodies and good backing vocals.

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