10 comments on “Lynne Randell – That’s a Hoe Down

  1. Wiggy! I’d no idea this was ever released here in the US of A! Groovy track cut upon her return from the US (where “Stranger..” was actually recorded). Sadly Lynne passed away last year after a life time on again off again battle with her mod demon, amphetamines.

  2. Question – where in Last Train to Clarksville is the reference to her? I thought the song was about someone being shipped off in a war……

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  4. Great to find this here. I’ve been updating my page about this song and have included links to your post for anyone who wants to see a label shot.

    It’s an interesting song from the songwriting point of view: it’s an obscure composition by Albert Hammond, but it doesn’t appear in any list of his works that I’ve seen. More details at my page if you’re interested:

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