7 comments on “The Creation – Making Time

  1. Ah yes, the LP with the band in military colour shirts? I think it was called ”How does it feel to feel?”.

  2. Great band — actually Rushmore introduced me to these guys a couple of years back! Would of been a long time finding them otherwise. Wes Anderson always has classic soundtracks for his films; Royal Tenenbaums was another good one. Easily one of Gene Hackman’s finest roles! [Ousted from the topspot only by Popeye Doyle from French Connection]

  3. GG
    I concur on Anderson’s soundtrack choices (he used Love in Bottle Rocket). I also agree on Hackman who should have gotten an Oscar for ‘Royal Tenenbaums’.

    “Pagoda…where’s my Javelina??”


  4. Gad, this takes me back to when I lived in Richmond, Virginia in 1979. Richmond somehow still possessed the impossible: an AM progressive radio station (daytime only at that!) that had managed to survive for 11 or 12 years before my arrival. WGOE had a massive library, and there utterly was no teling what they would yank out of it to play to entertain and amaze their small-but-incredibly-loyal audience.
    One day I took off from the record store where I worked in the mid-afternoon, cranked up my 1972 Dodge Dart, and went thrifting. Of course I immediately turned on WGOE. About two blocks into town, they began playing “Making Time” by The Creation, followed by “Painter Man,” followed by one B-side and then the other, followed by BOTH U. S. Decca singles… all 8 sides in a row! (They also played such not-your-usual-AM-fare like Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Phil Ochs, Judee Sill, and a bunch more that I could toss out.)
    In retrospect, I only wish a radio station like that could exist now, but with control of most of the broadcast spectrum gone over to conglomerates, it’s hard to imagine a real resurgence of such formatting.
    So I sit here in Athens, Georgia listening to my local college FM (or whatever entertaining skywave skips I can manage on AM at night, like WCRK in Morristown, Tennessee) and think back fondly on the days when I heard a REAL selection of music on AM radio.
    Hmmm… I’ve found this killer AM frequency for Athens, and it’ll just fit….
    Albeit Longwindedly, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia.

  5. Ort.
    That’s a great story!
    When I was a kid my Dad played piano on the weekend nights, and he used to love to see what kind of crazy stuff he could pick up on the AM dial, stations bouncing in from the midwest, Canada and the deep south. I did a little of that kind of listening, but sadly those days are long gone.

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