9 comments on “Iron Leg First Anniversary Digital Trip v.13 – Garage Fuzz Factory (Part 1)

  1. Mystery Garage Fan is a friggin’ donkey. Maybe he should listen to his own advice before hee-hawing it off over here on Iron Leg.

    Anyways Larry, cheers again — a worthy first-parter mix for Iron Leg’s 1st anniversary in my view! Lookin forward to Part Deux!

  2. All I’m saying is Part 1 is mediocre stuff. Larry spends so much time posting his blogs, he gets off more on what he writes than the actual music. You guys will praise him if he posts The Carpenters!

  3. Oh Mystery Garage Fan, you’re so awe-inspiring going against the grain with you insufferably negative and attention-seeking opinions. Can you be my friend…

    …as long as you shut your trap, of course. Is that enough attention for you?

    Yay “The Carpenters”! Wow, cool name, very rock. Kindy dusty and splintery. Yeah. Rock on!

  4. I was thinking more along the lines of their cover of Klaatu’s ‘Caling Occupants of Interplanetary Crafts’, but obviously I can’t please everyone…

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