21 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip v.13 – Anniversary Mix Pt2

  1. Right on, man — can’t wait to listen to Parts 1 & 2, especially that Springfield Rifle track which I don’t think I’ve heard in 15 years or so. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks guys!
    Jeff, I often wonder what it must be like for folks who grew up near a strong regional scene, i.e. did you/do you hear old Seger on oldies radio? I used to work with a woman who grew up in Ohio who shocked the hell out of me one day when she recognized a song by the Choir on a tape I was playing.

  3. Hello Larry, good mix of tunes especially ‘Numbers’…this one has been a bif favourite of mine for years.

    Oh, and before I go. I think you need your eyebrows trimmed…

  4. Can’t speak for Jeff, but as a kid in 70s Ann Arbor I useta hear all those early Seger singles on the radio. When I moved to Chicago and was old enough to actually start buying records, I couldn’t believe that those didn’t exist on any album — and that no one in Chicago had ever even HEARD East Side Story, 2+2 or Sock It To Me Santa! Regional
    radio was really cool, but it could also be really frustrating if (like me) you moved around a lot…

  5. Dan is right. Each metro area in the Midwest seemed to have its own sound, its own vibe into the mid-70s. Detroit was different from Chicago, which was different from Minneapolis. I most often listened to Milwaukee radio, which was more a Chicago sound. Somehow, though, a little bit of Detroit was getting through.

  6. The only taste I ever got of that kind of thing was listening to Philly radio (specifically WMMR) where they were still playing local bands in heavy rotation. We were hearing the Hooters YEARS before they broke out nationally, as well as groups like the A’s and Robert Hazard and the Heroes (Hazard went on to write ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ and make a mint). Music lost a lot with the death of regional radio, where bands could rule their own little corner of the world.

  7. I agree that a lot was lost with the death of regional radio and regional hits. Stations used to have their own personalities. Now, they sound just alike from coast to coast.

  8. Playing catch up as usual..More education for me on the Garage tip. Looking forward to hearing these for sure…

    Peace and blessings.

    …and here’s to another year of Iron Leg too!

  9. Whos IS the artist on the front cover of these comp’s? I can read “Roth ’65” and i googled variations of it and came across Arthur Roth. This the same guy? Killer drawings.

  10. Actually it was Arnold Roth i came across. Has some of his work littered around he did for New Yorker, Time, etc. but they’re nothing really like the stuff above

  11. Rat Fink eh? Sounds familiar but i don’t think we got that over this side of the pond or maybe its before my time. Stellar drawings all the same. Thanks again.

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