11 comments on “The Thoughts – All Night Stand

  1. Congrats Larry,
    Ironleg is an excellent blog for finding obscurities. “All Night Stand” by The Thoughts is a real goodun. Can I suggest that you might oneday include “Dion’ the Mod” by Van Dyke and the Bambis.
    Keep up the good cause.
    Regards, Mike.

  2. I am Peter Beckett’s Webmistress and thank-you for your post of this great song. Peter and Phil Boardman wrote the B Side of this record by the way. I also located video of The Thoughts and have them posted on Peter’s website and youtube to view. Peter is actually still with PLAYER and they will be coming out with a new CD and touring by the end of the year. Peter’s voice is even more amazing than ever. Check him out at




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  4. Hi, i am alan hornby (bass guitarist of the thoughts) daughter and we are just sitting at my parents house with some friends listening to the thoughts ‘ all night stand’ amazing to think people are blogging about it!!!! Glad you enjoyed it

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