11 comments on “The Electric Flag – Grooving Is Easy

  1. Yes! Friday and I burned one and dug it again, yes, yes. Gravenites/Bloomfield knew a little bit about the blues. Gravenites performs around SF to this day. G/B produced Otis Rush “Mourning in the Morning” album on Cotillion, recorded in Muscle Shoals. Check out Gravenites memoirs on the net. Bloomfield was a Jewish kid in Chicago, went to camp Herzl, played with Hayden Thompson (former Memphis Sun rock-a-billy). Managed coffee house in Chi-Town booked all the old blues artists. Muddy Waters would call HIM for gigs. Played Maxwell St. Dylan. Later Butterfield and virtuoso time. The Butterfield Blues Band albums raised the musical bar across America around ’66 and ’67. I don’t think he liked the business. Wasn’t even in the studio with Al Kooper for Super-Session. Drugs diminished his skills, did porn soundtracks and OD’d in an alley in SF. Lectured on acoustic blues at Stanford.
    Should anyone think him as hype, check out an album he did with Eddy “Cleanhead” Vinson, and listen to Cherry, Cherry…man, ain’t that pure feeling?
    About five years ago Robin Ford and Brothers, Chris Cain and others, did a couple of concerts – salute to music of Bloomfieldl. One of the gigs was outdoors at the SF Blues Festival, they did Groovin’ is Easy w/horns, that was so tasty. We remember…

  2. how can I not mention the Buddy Miles Express, power performance at mayfield heights community center, Jim McCarty on gtr, heavy horns, Down By the River – brilliant!

  3. Never saw a credit for it, but I’m suure that’s Mama Cass’ voice near the end on the “doesn’t have to be doesn’t have to be” section.
    Awesome song, band, etc,

    Tom-Tom Brown

  4. Hi
    Im a great fan of Nick Gravenites. I think he had the most unique voice especially in Electrric Flag . What is he doing now and where is he. If he is still playing I would love to see him.

  5. Such a great song eh? Too bad everyone just downloads the mp3s instead of paying so Nick.. you know, my dad gets royalties. How about you visit nickgravenites.com and pay for some music, eh?

  6. Sorry to hear this upsets you. I’ll remove the link. The point of this blog is to turn people on to the music so they’ll dig deeper (i.e. buy the album), which is precisely why you’ll never find an entire record posted here, only a song or two at a time.

  7. Keep the link, just link to nickgravenites.com plz so if people want to pay they can.
    Lots of free live sets on archive.org

    Thank you

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