5 comments on “Small Faces – All or Nothing

  1. For my money their Decca stuff is miles better than their Immediate material
    which I’ve always found kinda irritating – look at us getting away with all these
    drug references – pity they forgot to write some good songs to go with their
    oh so hip allusions. Those records annoyed me when they were new and time hasn’t
    made me alter that opinion.

  2. I have Real Crazy Apartment from the Nuggets II comp–not a rip of the 45, which I assume you’d prefer. But will be happy to send it to you if you’d like it.

  3. Great song. A UK number 1 single too.

    I think the complete opposite to davie g ….. much prefer their later stuff. I was listening to their 1st Immediate LP today. A great summer record.

  4. Love all the Small Faces stuff, from the first Booker T covers to the pre-Humble Pie rockers at the bitter end. Great, great band with a story far more compelling than most of the jokers VH1 has done “Behind the Music” episodes about…

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