8 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #14 – Covered In Kitsch

  1. A brave choice to make – I suspect this may cause some of the cooler than thou brigade to storm your NJ palace with flaming brands and pitchforks.

  2. I wait upon the battlements with cauldrons of melted, boiling LPs. Cooler than who?
    The great thing about stuff like this, is that a lot of it manages to be cool in spite of itself. Tell me that Ronnie Aldrich isn’t cool. Besides, it’s only a mix. There will be others.

  3. Hey, nothin’ wrong with enjoying a bit of cheese with your wine! My iPod is filled with tons of this kind of stuff — always an excellent mood-lightener — but most of these are new to me. I have that Ronnie Aldrich LP with “Ride My See Saw,” which is about the best thing on there, but I’ve been too busy/lazy to digimatize it. Thanks as always for doin’ the good work!

  4. This ain’t cheesy at all! I recall how popular The “Overture From Tommy” by the Assembled Multitude was in its day. If you’re sitting, smokin’ a dube, and listening to this, it’s very, very psychedelic. Listening to this gives me the munchies bigtime! All I need is a big bunch of go go dancers and I’m set for the night. Fantastic stuff, man!

  5. Give me a break! Doctor Dre and others consider David McCallum a master of fusion. He and others have sampled some of his arrangements.

  6. NOTHING David McCallum ever put on wax could be referred to as fusion. McCallum’s records have been sampled but it’s not McCallums “arrangements” that are being sampled, but more likely drum breaks, and samples from which loops are constructed, not to mention that fact that his albums were clearly vanity projects which wouldn’t have amounted to much without the “assistance” of HB Barnum and David Axelrod.

  7. If it’s cheesy covers you require, I suggest a side trip to my audioarchives blog (see above), especially the “WMDR Edition” of my Under The Covers series of posts. WMDR-AM was an easy-listening formatted daytimer AM station in Tennessee that I worked for briefly back in the early 1990’s.

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