4 comments on “The Choir – It’s Cold Outside

  1. Very cool, love it. I had the “Nuggets” version, just never gave it a good listen.
    Broke down and bought the CD “Choir Practice” today.
    Thanks again, Larry!

  2. Larry, based on your taste in music, I think you were born too late. The Choir was a great band live, they covered all the best Stones/Them/Pretty Things/and then would do a perfect cover of a Marvin Gaye tune. Cleveland had a nice music scene in the sixties, they took the British Invasion to heart. When Dylan went electric and brought his band to town in ’66, the Choir was in the audience taking notes. No boos. Check out Behind Locked Doors on Dynovoice by the Missing Lynx for another great tune from a Cleveland band.

  3. I grew up in Mentor, Ohio and as a music fanatic (in addition we all danced then!) but of course one of our favorite night spots was the Painesville Armory, a city next to Mentor, and to be part of the following crowd of The Mods, predecessor name for most of the guys later move forward to become The Choir, as written about here. The original band members featured Dann Klawon(drums), Dave Smalley(lead vocals), Wally Bryson ( lead guitar and vocals) and never to be forgotten a Bass player , a guy who really knew his stuff and was a fantastic showman, Dave Burke. Many of us, friends and followers, attended jam and practice sessions at the Burke homestead and Dave would really show his style to the upper limits there.
    As their local popularity grew, they added Jim Bonifanti, a second drummer, with style and was eft-handed, as I recall. Their sound and renditions, generally playing tribute songs, as most local groups did at that time, was spot on, at least for their followers. I will never forget the double drummer display and sound. Klawon and Bonifanti had such different styles, yet constantly and consistanlt complimented each other. That was a show to remember.

    I’ve seen Wally Bryson and Dann Klawon, on occasion at rerunion type events, Rumor has it that Burke may like to come back to music in some capacity once he finishes his stint filling mailboxes! Bonifanti is still in Northeast Ohio.

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