5 comments on “The Blue Things – Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind b/w One Hour Cleaners

  1. Both of these tunes are great! I hadn’t pulled out my promo copy of this 45 in a long while, so it was a pleasure to hear them again. My favorite Blue Things 45, though, is “You Can Live In Our Tree.” I’ve found most of what I’ve heard from The Blue Things to be hit or miss, but the two you posted are definitely on the side of “HIT!”

  2. This is a great nugget! Wonderful post! Check out the original music and freakout poetry art we make over at austinnewblog.blogspot.com

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  5. Right on! These guys played at my high school prom in 1965 & they were our local psychedelic band in my college daze … high times at the Red Dog Inn. Hung out with them a bit, went on the road with them once, even met Mike Chapman years later in CA. As Frank Zappa said, “Who could believe they would freak out in Kansas?” … Just discovered your obviously awesome blog & this is the best write-up of ‘Orange Rooftop’ I’ve ever read. Kudos! You’re so right about the power of regional radio (KOMA!). I can tell you they were a great live band too, always at the cutting edge (not only for Kansas!) & like many others I got my first exposure to Hendrix & Cream & others at their gigs. I still have my original copy of this 45 & ‘You Can Live in Our Tree’ too, tho’ they’re half a world away now. What a long strange trip …

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