4 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #15 – It Came From Outer Space!

  1. Enjoyed the mix very much. Hearing those Buchanan and Goodman records was a treat, as was the one by The Rockers.

    Here’s some information about The Busters for you. They were from Springfield, Massacheusetts and were originally called The Northern Lights. Their hit was originally recorded as “Typhoid,” but was released as “Bust Out” by The Busters. They have at least two other 45s on Arlen that I know off. I can’t remember what they were offhand, but be assured that “Bust Out”/”Astronaut” is their very best single., at least to me. “Bust Out,” by the way, hit #25 in the fall of 1963. Their members were:

    Alan Orkins-guitar
    John Chappel-guitar
    Freddie Cole-drums
    Al Marczyk-bass
    Jack Baker-bass
    Fran Parda -drums.

    Most of this information I got from the group’s entry in Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1954-1995. I also know that both “Bust Out” and “Astronaut” were comped on an instrumental CD put out by Ace, “Teen Beat Vol. 3” It was either Vol. 3 or Vol. 4, but I know they’re on one of them.

    Hope this helps a little.

  2. Nice mix! I do a sci-fi themed radio show every Saturday (have been for about 7 years now) and this happened to have a couple of songs I haven’t heard of. Now, the real challenge that I pose to you is pulling off a similar mix on Funky 16 Corners. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your mixes for a while now and thought I’d toss out my appreciation. Keep up the great work.

    J-Unit 1

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