12 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #16 – Almost Fab

  1. Ha, never heard that Guess Who-Beatles connection before. Its a much better name than Chad Allen & The Expressions (well, for the band names of the time anyway). Sounds a bit like an urban legend though maybe…?

    Checked out “Feelin’ Lost” by The Rationals a while back when you mentioned it on a previous post and it most definitely is early Beatles-esque quality of the highest order with a touch of that Michigan grit on the underside. Love the chord progression. Instant classic.

    Looking forward to listening to this later man. Cheers again Larry!

  2. Excellent concept, Larry; WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has been doing something similar in recent months, but I think they’ve missed most of these. Really looking forward to checking this out…

  3. I believe Til We Kissed by the Guess Who is actually a cover of the Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil song “Where Have You Been”, which was I think originally done by Artur Alexander.

  4. “The Naturals … unique in this set list as they apparently hailed from the UK.” Nope, The Profile were also from there, Scotland to be exact. They evolved from the even more early-Beatlesque Karl Stuart & The Profiles into The Profile and then into The Voice, of “The Train to Disaster” freakbeat-classic fame. Speaking of The Naturals, it is well documented by Who biographers that “It Was You” was indeed Pete Townshend’s first published composition.

    I actually tracked down a copy of the Legends record some years ago solely on the basis that someone, which later turned out to be you, had put both sides on one of the “Delusions of Grandeur” cassette comps…!

  5. Allen/Euphonic
    Thanks for the info/updates.
    I’ll have to look for that Arthur Alexander record, and I’m glad to get confirmation about the Pete Townshend involvement in that song.

    • Hi Larry,
      Just to let you know, that The Naturals song “It Was You, was actualy the “B” side of the single, released by Parlaphone in 1964.
      The “A” side was called “Look at me Now”.
      Why it was not a hit, I do not know, maybe it wasn’t given enough air time on radio.
      I don’t know who wrote the song, but it could have easily been sung by The Beatles or The Hollies, and would have been a top 5 hit!
      I wonder if Pete Townsend wrote that also?
      Would love to know!

      Peace and 60’s nostalgia!

  6. I’m Jack Brooks, the 3rd & last bass player for the British Walkers. I wouldn’t describe us as a “Garage Band,” as we opened for acts such as the Beach Boys. Herman’s Hermits.The Yardbirds, Loivin’ Spoonful, Animals, et. al. The later personnell I played with in ‘The Walkers” were superb musicians and creative artists. There is a website under development that will set many a “record” straight:
    British Walker Music

  7. Jack
    Thanks for stopping by. In this case “garage” is a description of a musical style, not a pejorative to suggest that you were in fact an amateur band working out of a garage. I have a bunch of British Walkers 45s and love them all.

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