3 comments on “Moby Grape – Someday

  1. Just recently became aware of the overlooked Moby Grape, myself… like you, I’ve heard and read the name for decades, but never had the opportunity to actually listen to them.

  2. “The history of Moby Grape is a tortured one, filled to bursting with business rip-off, mental health problems and an excess of bad timing”

    You can say that again! I do love me some Skip Spence

  3. Larry,
    You sure come up with some old favorites. Jerry Miller of the Grape used to play a Martin electric, GT-70. I was so into them I had to get one of those guitars. They came in either black or a kind of burgundy color. I got the black, but was also into the Springfield. So I got this guitar guy (forget his name but he later became a big-shot at Guitar Magazine) who worked at Westwood Music ( owned by Wallechi, who was quite a fan of guitars himself & offered David Russell Young’s – they were based on Martin acoustics, but out-toned & out-rang ’em), and he painted mine white & changed all the hardware to silver, installed two Humbuckers, and inlaid ‘CF Martin & Co on the head, so it would look like Stills’ & Young’s guitars. Also, Springfield’s drummer, Dewey Martin used to crash at my house regularly. I also roomed with Michael Clark (Byrds drummer) & my ex-brother-in-law is Ricky Fataar, drummer for Bonnie Raitt & occasionally works with Boz Skaggs. He used to be the Beach Boys’ drummer & comes from a band called The Flame. He also did the ‘So What’ tour with Joe Walsh and was a member of the Rutles, playing the George Harrison part. Ricky can play almost every instrument handed to him. I’ve seen him handle all guitar parts, keyboards, violin, flute and sitar. They were out of Durbin, South Africa & discovered by Carl Wilson in London. They were the first band on the Beach Boys label, Brother Records, other than the Beach Boys. It was also engineered by Steve Desper(sp), and was the first album to be Quadraphonic, also a ‘baby’ of Desper. His partner was Blondie Chaplin, who now does backround vocals on Stones tours. I think you’d like the record, it’s filled with all original material & I’d like to find it myself. In closing I’d like to find out what happened to all the Knight Riders stuff? Paul

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