5 comments on “Nashville Teens – Find My Way Back Home (they wuz robbed…)

  1. re: nashville teens: they were the backing band on Jerry Lee Lewis’ outrageously powerful live recording at The Star Club which is well worth a listen. They rocked hard for the Killer and the result is quite the LP.

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  3. Give Little Steven’s underground garage a listen sometime. He goes into things like one band “borrowing” from another etc etc etc.

  4. Brilliant,well done for finding out that the “CHIOR” stole our record “FIND MY WAY BACK HOME”. keep up the good work.

    By the way I am Arthur Sharp co lead singer of the NASHVILLE TEENS.
    i remember recording the record in NEW YORK when we were doing the MURREY THE Ks
    christmas show 1964.

    I am the one on the far right on your photo of us.
    Arthur Sharp.

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