4 comments on “Them – Mystic Eyes

  1. I just discovered this blog, although I was familiar with 16corners, and wow, what a fantastic one it is. Thanks for letting me discover and re-discover some great records!

  2. Classic tune Lar. Have always had a soft spot for the harmonica and always good to hear reminder that my native Irishmen were well up with the beats and sounds despite being socially incarcerated by “The Men in bad Habits” all those moons ago. I’ve spoken to my “folks” (i.e. parents) of the 60’s over here and there seemed to be quite the burgeoning scene of beat/psych bands (Them were from the North which especially at the time was moreso a British group in the grand scale of things) many of whom never made it or “sold out” to all that gawdawful Showband tripe that infected our nation in the 70’s to make a few much needed bucks in desperate times. All the same i imagine a lot of them never made it to the old vinyl. One of them in particular crops to mind who did though, called Eire Apparent (and worth keeping an eye out for) had even an album produced by Jimi Hendrix (!nice one!).

    Just like your friend’s brother too .. i fortunately have a mother and father who make me jealous with tales that they got to see The Troggs in concert back in their youthful prime. Lucky divils!

    Go raibh míle maith agat dude!

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