7 comments on “Woody Carr & the Entertainers, The Dillons and Dorsey Burnette

  1. Man excellent couple of tunes. That Woody Carr tune gave me flashbacks of Night of The Hunter. Hey the vocals could even pass for Bob Mitchum : D ha

    “Chillll…dren! …I know your down there.”

  2. Fantastic stuff – the bands I can access from the past (e.g. Grateful Dead) had a clear interest in more obscure stuff that, to me, has been lost in the sands of time. So great of you to unearth it for the rest of us!

  3. Very cool, Larry. Never knew the Woody Carr version existed. There’s something about ‘Hey Little One’ that gets under your skin, you know? Thanks, brother!

  4. Larry,
    Just listened to some of Woood’ys stuff. We were freinds,he played at my wedding. I moved to N.Y. Lost contact. What ever happened to Woody ?


  5. Turns out Woody is alive and well in Federal Way, Washington–a little south of Seattle. His voice is almost completely shot by singing and carousing, but he’s in good health. He has an astounding body of work going back through the decades. I’ve been working with local reissue label Light in the Attic to get a retrospective together (they reissued a pair of his tunes on 45 last year in the Wheedle’s Groove box set).

  6. Amazing what one can find surfing the net… During mid to late 60s we cut 5 or 6 45s on obscure labels, “Psychedelic Orange Truck” one of my favorites. We never made that next step out of obscurity into the limelight, not unlike so many other PNW garage bands of the 60s. …Gary c. Keyboard

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