3 comments on “Nino Tempo & April Stevens – Deep Purple

  1. omigod wot went wrong here did you have a taste transplant, i must be missin’ something here as derek see on derek’s daily 45 posted this not so long ago too!
    have to say tho that april sure was a NICE bit of eye candy if the pic u put up is anything to go by!!!

  2. This song was one my early influences in music and the harmonies bit me hard and I’ve been a musician and singer ever since. This song’s arrangement and recording has that certain ATCO feel that’s a little bit of the Philly sound with shades of Motown piano and soul mixed in the backgound vocals and bass. This song set the stage for me to start plunking on the guitar and then switch to bass when The Beatles hit. I lost my 45 in a move many years ago and haven’t been able to hear the “unsanitized” 45 version since. Thanks for putting this song up. Peter Bee

  3. Although I’m into classic alternative rock like the Pixies and Pearl Jam, I’ve always thought this is one of the most beautiful tunes I’ve ever heard, and memories of listening to my parents’ rock n roll LPs about 30 years ago (specifically ‘Rock Rules ok’ !) just came flooding back bringing tears to my eyes big time. Absolutely love the harmonies and harmonica. Someone should really do a cover of this today (Beautiful South would have done a good job, but never mind!). Thanks VM. Ray Barry

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