5 comments on “Changin’ Times – Pied Piper

  1. Well, at last someone has made a decent-sounding digital transfer of this track! It has been comp’d a couple of places–specifically Turds on a Bum Ride , Vol. 5 and Before They Were Hits, Vol. 2. Both sound like they were recorded off an AM radio in the ’60s, or (more likely) with severe digital clipping that ended up just getting normalized on the computer. No dynamics; no highs; no SPACE, man! The original mono was no doubt highly compressed as it was, but your transfer is almost like hearing the tune for the first time. Many thanks!

  2. I bought, and enjoyed, this single for years. I also believe that this version is far superior to the remake, which sounds completely undernourished in comparison. Glad someone still has it around. Too bad someone hasn’t remastered this on a CD collection.

  3. I remember this version from AM radio in the 60s — I didn’t even know that somebody else had a hit with it. Thanks for posting!

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