6 comments on “Mad River – Amphetamine Gazelle

  1. Hey there,

    Been a fan of your work over at The Funky 16 Corners for a good couple of years, and been getting more and more fond of the IL too!

    Your taste is great!

    Cheers for the music and the info too.

    Great blog. Just wish I lived in NY, I’d be hanging out wherever you and your mates were playing 🙂

    Stu, Glasgow, UK

  2. Thanks for the post and everything, but were you on amphetamines yourself when you snapped that picture of the record?

  3. Phew… thought i may have to cut back on the Jack again. Nice. *glug-glug-glug-glug-glug…..kerthump–bleaaaaaaarrrgggh!*


  4. I love this album. The first side, at any rate, is as strong as anything else from that era, with Eastern Light being my favourite tune. Shame they’re not better known… The second album sees them diversifying into some country tinged stuff. It’s patchy, but the good tracks are definitely worth hearing.

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