4 comments on “Cream – N.S.U.

  1. N.S.U. was covered by Jack on his “Learn to play bass” (actual title “The Cream of Cream”) VHS/DVD. Not sure if you can actually learn much from it regarding bass unless you are an advanced bassist, but it’s an excellent hour well spent on watching Jack’s abilities and hearing about some interesting items from Cream’s past where he explained that at the time one of the band mates (EC or GB I presume) contracted a “N”on “S”pecific STD — sorry — witout reviewing the DVD again, I cannot recall what the “U” stood for, though I don’t believe it was “urinary”. Anyway, Happy New Year all – hopefully more Cream reunions to come!

  2. NSU – Non-Specific Urethritis, according to Dr. Google. Seems to be a result of contracting chlamydia. Ginge/Eric wherever you are; you poor sod you.

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