Iron Leg Digital Trip #20 – The Year In Vintage Pop


Lynne Randell – It’s a Hoedown (Epic)
Nilsson – Together (RCA)
Primrose Circus – PS Call Me Lulu (Mira)
Blue Things – The Orange Rooftop of Your Mind (RCA)
Chere – There But For Fortune (Imperial)
Clique – Superman (White Whale)
Francoise Hardy – Ce Petit Couer (4 Corners)
Moody Blues – Fly Me High (London)
Hondells – Just One More Chance (Columbia)
Gene & Debbe – Playboy (TRX)
Colin Blunstone – Caroline Goodbye (Epic)
Kaleidoscope – Holidaymaker (Fontana)
Buzzy Linhart – The Love’s Still Growing (Kama Sutra)
The Lime – Love a Go Go (Westwood)
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi (Vogue)
Lyme & Cybelle – Follow Me (White Whale)
Paul Revere & the Raiders – The Great Airplane Strike (Columbia)
Thoughts – All Night Stand (Planet)
Shanes – Chris Craft Number 9 (Capitol)
Simon & Garfunkel – Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (Columbia)
Small Faces – All or Nothing (RCA)
Nashville Teens – Find My Way Home (London)
Brenda Lee – The Crying Game (Decca)

Download 40MB ZIP File-

Greetings all.
Just a brief note to wish you all a happy New Year, and to thank you all for dropping by this year.
The mix above is a selection of my favorite individual tracks from the past year here at Iron Leg.
I enjoy doing these year-end mixes because they give me a chance to reconsider/relisten to a bunch of cool tracks. A fairly large percentage of the tunes I feature here and at Funky16Corners are records that I’ve known and loved for years. That said, I go through a very rewarding process of rediscovery when selecting and digi-ma-tizing them, but once the posts are finished, I continue to move forward with new(er) material. Ironically, the tunes I tend to listen to repeatedly are those that I include in the podcasts, which make up a significant amount of my recreational listening.
There’s also the added benefit of rehearing these songs in close proximity to one another.
As always, there’s a pretty wide stylistic variety here, and if there’s something you don’t dig, hang on tight because something cool isn’t far behind.
I hope you dig the selection, and that you come back in 2009 for some more sounds.
I’ll be back on Monday.

Peace & Happy New Year


PS Head over to Funky16Corners for a funky and soulful year in review.

PSS Check out Paperback Rider too…

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  1. As I’m watching this place (and Funky too) many times a year, I want to thank you for the music. Favorite 2008 track is Lynne Randell’s It’s a Hoedown.

  2. Just Plain Great As always…
    Your in my thoughts

  3. Cool stuff as always, glad to see you’re back in action after a brief hospital stay!

  4. I loved Chris Craft No 9, and finding out about Free Design was a total bonus. All the best with your recovery.

  5. As adviced on F16C I looked here and was happy to find something french from Jacques Dutronc (from Belge IIRC). Alas it is not in the ZIP. But frankly – I will stay tuned to F16C.

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